Chapter 161: Fate Is Always Ridiculous (Part Two)

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Fang Jie laughed and said, “Can you move the iron chains on my chest one inch to the left?”

The single-armed man paused for a second and didn’t refuse. After doing so, he asked, “Why?”

“It was pressing on my wound; it wasn’t comfortable,” Fang Jie said, “Thanks, and goodbye.”

The single-armed man froze for a long time before walking out of the room, not saying anything to Fang Jie at all. After he left the room, he pushed open the iron fence gate where the iron bars were as thick as an arm. Then, he walked through a dark corridor that was about 15 meters long.

This corridor was connected to another stone room, but it was big and bright, and sunlight shined through the windows. It was completely different from the stone room that Fang Jie was in.

“How is it? Is he awake?”


“Did he try to struggle?”


“He is a smart person.” The person asking the questions nodded and ordered in a serious tone, “No one is allowed to torture him without my permission. If I learn that someone disobeyed my order, don’t blame me for being merciless. Also, if Mr. Zhuo comes, tell him that this is His Majesty’s order; I can’t do anything. If anyone from the Martial Arts Academy comes, don’t stop them from seeing Fang Jie. As to Fang Jie’s friends, don’t do anything yet. Station people around Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence, and don’t do anything if they don’t leave Chang’an.”

“What about Chiliarch Mu?” the single-armed man asked.

“I will send her out of Chang’an for a mission. A decision should be made when she comes back.”

This person was also in a flying-fish robe, but the style of his robe was different, and he was wearing a ridged hat. Only two people could wear this style of flying-fish robes. One was Luo Weiran, and the other was him, Hou Wenji.

“Department Head…” the single-armed man hesitated and asked, “I don’t understand. Since both His Majesty and Principal Zhou agreed on this, why are we so kind to Fang Jie? No one could hold secrets under our interrogation methods.”

“Nothing in the world is absolute.” Hou Wenji smiled and walked out of the room. “Do what I said. Even if Fang Jie is going to die, make sure that his last few days are comfortable.”

“I got it.” The single-armed man nodded with a humble expression.

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A precious golden-silk-wood desk was smashed into pieces, and the dust and fragments flew in all directions.

Many wood fragments landed on the senior sitting on the other side of the desk, and the slightly hot tea on the table also spilled onto him. However, he didn’t seem angry, and he didn’t even react.

He was one of the most prestigious people in Great Sui. He was the principal of the Martial Arts Academy, and no one dared to smash his desk and point at his nose since he became the principal.

But today, his desk was smashed, and he had to take on the endless fury.

“Give me an explanation!”

It was Professor Qiu Yu who smashed Principal Zhou’s desk. Since she was extremely angry, her eyes bulged outward a little and looked a little bizarre. Her expression was wicked, and others weren’t sure if she was going to kill someone in the next moment.

A few people stood outside Principal Zhou’s room, including Professor Yan Ji and Mo Wanwu who was severely injured and being supported by others. No one dared to push open the door and try to calm Qiu Yu down.

They looked at each other with bitter smiles on their faces.

“This desk was expensive. If I sold it, an ordinary family could use the money for three years.” Principal Zhou wiped away everything on his body and said while shaking his head, “Can’t you change your temper a little? Nothing changed after all these years.”

“Answer me!” Qiu Yu’s white eyes stared at Principal Zhou’s eyes, and anger was spilling out.

“You understand everything.” Principal Zhou looked at her and said after a moment of silence, “When I first met that little guy, I told him that he is a miracle created by His Majesty. His Majesty wouldn’t allow anyone else to destroy this miracle, especially when the war is about to be waged in the northwest. However, if he couldn’t satisfy His Majesty with his performance, His Majesty will destroy him. Now, if this miracle is a threat to His Majesty, His Majesty will get rid of him immediately after confirmation.”

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