Chapter 161: Fate Is Always Ridiculous (Part Three)

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“Why!” Qiu Yu shouted, “I want to know why! What did he do wrong? He only came into the academy for ten days! Ten days ago, you were sure that he could become someone like Luo Yao. But today, you sent him into the secret prison in the Royal Guard. You promised him to help him better understand his body ten days ago, yet now you are the murderer who is about to take his life!”

“Give me an explanation!” Qiu Yu punched a wall, and a big hole appeared.

It felt like a tornado blew through the room next door, destroying everything in there. The wall on the other side couldn’t handle all the pressure and collapsed. It felt like a bomb landed here.

“I said that you already know why; you aren’t an idiot.”

Principal Zhou frowned, but it seemed like he still wasn’t angry.

“I only know that a student who trusts me got sent into a death row cell,” Qiu Yu said coldly, “Also, the people who he trusts and respects are the ones who sent him in; his professors and the principal of the Martial Arts Academy. Such a shameless thing happened in the academy; I don’t feel like I deserve being called professor by these students.”

“Four students died,” Principal Zhou said, “I didn’t anticipate this.”

“What the f*ck did you anticipate?” Qiu Yu took a step forward and stared at Principal Zhou.

“Even Mo Wanwu couldn’t block that young monk’s finger force, but it only penetrated Fang Jie’s skin. Fang Jie’s arm was twisted, but it almost recovered overnight. You know all these things. You know his physique more than me,” Principal Zhou said, “Therefore, you know what all this means.”

“That is only a f*cking rumor. Why should you destroy someone because of a rumor? Do you have this power? Just because you are the principal of the academy?” Qiu Yu was on the verge of explosion, and she seemed like a bloodthirsty beast.

“Yes.” Principal Zhou stood up and looked at Qiu Yu while speaking earnestly, “Even though it is only a rumor, you know that it isn’t baseless. In this world, who else could have this physique but those few most secret members of the Buddhist Sect? You should know. You should know from the beginning that Fang Jie’s physique is the so-called Innate Vajra Physique, and only the so-called Buddha’s Sons could have it. A Buddha’s Son appeared in Great Sui; he is already lucky enough that His Majesty didn’t kill him right away.”

“For every generation, the Great Wheel Wisdom King would pick out his successor from several Buddha’s Sons. The Great Wheel Wisdom King would take this Buddha’s Son to the Golden Palace Secret Chamber for seven days. Afterward, the new Great Wheel Wisdom King would walk out, and the old one would disappear forever. No one knows how the inheritance process is done in seven days, but it is a fact that these Buddha’s Sons all have great strength and physiques. After the new Great Wheel Wisdom King sits on the Lotus Throne, the first thing that he would do is to kill the other Buddha’s Sons. From this point alone, we can tell that the Buddha’s Sons could threaten the Wisdom King!”

“Even the new Great Wheel Wisdom King would fear other Buddha’s Sons; what about His Majesty?”

“Fang Jie has this physique. Also, his background is mysterious. If he is only an ordinary scout, how come powerful masters are protecting him? Even the Royal Guard couldn’t find his past. You should know that his guards are all cultivation masters. Even a governor-general of Great Sui might not be able to hire people like Chen Qingshan!”

Qiu Yu took several deep breaths and said, “If he is really a Buddha’s Son, why did he come to Chang’an? If he has ill-intentions, why did he enter the Martial Arts Academy and not hide his identity? Why did he allow you to research his body?”

“That is why he isn’t dead yet,” Principal Zhou said seriously, “This isn’t decided yet. His Majesty is waiting for an answer from the Royal Guard.”

“You doubted his identity from the beginning, right?” Qiu Yu asked.

After a moment of silence, Principal Zhou nodded and said, “I’m the principal of the Martial Arts Academy. I need to pay attention to all potential threats. You asked me why I did this. If you were in my position, you would have done the same.”

“No!” Qiu Yu shook her head and said firmly, “I would never become someone like you, Principal!”

Then, she turned around and kicked open the door.

She saw Mo Wanwu who looked apologetical. Just as Mo Wanwu opened his mouth but wasn’t sure what to say, Qiu Yu sent Mo Wanwu flying and cursed, “B*stard.”

[TL Note: Just to pass on the message from the author, no force in the novel represents justice; they are all doing the right thing from their perspectives. Both the Buddhist Sect and the Daoist Sect have their strength and weaknesses. The story so far seems pro Daoist Sect and Great Sui because they are the underdogs. Everything is subject to change.]

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