Chapter 162: His Calmness Is the Most Unsettling (Part One)

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Luo Weiran’s forehead was covered in sweat; he felt like Smooth Spring Garden was hotter than all previous years.

The Emperor was sitting on his heatable brick bed while reading memorials to the throne. Contrary to its name, the heatable brick bed was cool in the summer.

Luo Weiran stood on the side but didn’t dare to wipe away his sweat.

Although the Emperor didn’t seem angry, Luo Weiran knew that this lord rarely showed his emotions on his face.

He knew why the Emperor summoned him; he was the only person who stated that Fang Jie’s background was clean. Everyone else, except for Eunuch Sui Buwei who never had any opinions, had suspicions toward Fang Jie.

Luo Weiran was the only person who believed that Fang Jie wouldn’t do anything harmful to Great Sui. In other words, he didn’t think that Fang Jie was a member of the Buddhist Sect since he trusted Royal King Zhong.

People who knew Royal King Zhong knew how much he hated the Buddhist Sect. If Fang Jie was really a Buddhist’s Son, then he would have killed Fang Jie in Fangu.

The Emperor also trusted Royal King Zhong, but he doubted everyone except for Royal King Zhong and Principal Zhou.

It sounded contradictory, but the Emperor wasn’t foolish.

Royal King Zhong did help Fang Jie in Fangu, and the Emperor truly believed that Fang Jie was Royal King Zhong’s disciple for a while. However, Fang Jie appeared too suddenly, and his identity as Royal King Zhong’s disciple was worth doubting.

Since long ago, the Emperor sent people to investigate Fang Jie’s background. Luo Weiran’s answer was that Fang Jie could be trusted, but Hou Wenji’s answer was more conservative, stating that Fang Jie’s background could be doubted.

Clearly, Hou Wenji’s answer was safer.

Although both answers sounded not 100 percent sure, they represented two different attitudes. Luo Weiran had a relationship with Royal King Zhong, but Hou Wenji doubted everyone except the Emperor since he was only promoted to his current position by the Emperor.

That was why Hou Wenji earned more trust from the Emperor.

Again, since the Emperor only trusted Royal King Zhong and Principal Zhou, this tribulation was set in Fang Jie’s fate.

“I remember you telling me that Fang Jie could be trusted,” The Emperor sounded calm, and he didn’t raise his head.

Luo Weiran bowed and replied, “I still hold the same opinion.”

The Emperor’s interest seemed to be piqued, so he put down the ink brush in his hand and looked at Luo Weiran while saying, “Reason?”

Luo Weiran organized his thoughts and tried his best to speak concisely. “The doubts that Principal Zhou has are valid, and I had them as well. Without a doubt, Fang Jie’s physique is similar to that of the rumored Buddha’s Sons. However, I have never seen a Buddha’s Son before, so I can’t make any judgments. Plus, many people said that Fang Jie is smart, and I think so too; I can’t think of a reason for him to travel for more than 5,000 kilometers to Chang’an and seek death.”

“I want to know the truth and don’t want to hear you argue for him.” The Emperor sat back and stretched his neck while saying, “You are the Royal Guard Captain, so you shouldn’t trust anyone like this. However, I should trust your judgment as well. I understand all your reasons. No one could prove that Fang Jie is a Buddha’s Son, but no one could prove he isn’t as well.”

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