Chapter 162: His Calmness Is the Most Unsettling (Part Two)

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“I want an answer, so I asked you guys to investigate in secret. I gave Fang Jie the honor that he couldn’t earn himself; do you think I want to destroy the miracle that I just created? I remember telling you a while ago that the Second Emperor created the legend called Li Xiao, and my grandfather created the legend called Huai Qiugong. I’m also going to create a legend; I don’t want this legend to be momentary but permanent.”

“However, I can’t ignore the doubts that Principal Zhou raised.”

Luo Weiran lowered his head and said, “I also don’t dare to ignore Principal Zhou’s concerns.”

He thought for a moment and added, “What happened was a failure; four students of the Martial Arts Academy died. I didn’t expect this at all. Mo Wanwu brought Fang Jie to Half Moon Mountain alone because he didn’t want to get other students involved. However, what pulled out those two monks wasn’t Fang Jie but those students. If Fang Jie is really a Buddha’s Son, why did those two monks kill those students? They should meet Fang Jie first and kill Mo Wanwu. It is also confusing that the young monk tried to kill Fang Jie more than once, but he died under Fang Jie’s hands in the end. If they are both members of the Buddhist Sect, why are they fighting?”

The Emperor thought for a moment and asked, “But Li Nan told me that when the old monk named Wisdom captured Fang Jie, he could have killed Fang Jie easily. Why didn’t he kill Fang Jie if the young monk wanted to?”

Luo Weiran replied, “That is why I believe Fang Jie is innocent more.”

“Speak.” The Emperor waved his hand.

“If Fang Jie came to Chang’an for a secret mission, what does he need the most?” Luo Weiran said, “Safety and a well-hidden identity. However, Fang Jie didn’t try to hide the fact that his body is different from others. If these are the clear characteristics of Buddha’s Sons, why didn’t he hide them? Also, Wisdom didn’t kill him. As the Second Heavenly Lord of the Buddhist Sect, he should know Fang Jie’s identity if Fang Jie is truly a Buddha’s Son; why did he capture Fang Jie rather than anyone else? If Fang Jie is a member of the Buddhist Sect, wouldn’t Wisdom be selling him out?”

“I thought about all that.” The Emperor got off his bed and stretched his body. Then, he sighed, “However, you have to admit that those monks came to Chang’an after Fang Jie came here. For more than 100 years, no member of the Buddhist Sect dared to be this disrespectful! How can I believe you if you say this is irrelevant to Fang Jie? Again, I want the truth and not guesses.”

While speaking, the Emperor did a few stretches. Perhaps he didn’t even realize that Fang Jie taught him these movements.

Seeing the Emperor’s subconscious movements, Luo Weiran was thrilled and thought, “Fang Jie won’t die!”

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-The Royal Guard-

The iron chains around Fang Jie’s body were unlocked, allowing him to be more comfortable and to leave that stone bed.

The pain in his chest and right arm lessened greatly; he wouldn’t sweat anymore when they were touched.

Fang Jie was extremely calm; he didn’t shout, scream, nor curse. It was strange to see. He even carefully studied all the torture devices hanging on the wall with interest.

He was even in the mood to take one torture device off the wall and studied how to use it. He put the pliers designed to pull out fingernails above his hand, and he even grinned as he did that.

When Qiu Yu walked into this stone room, she was surprised that this young man could be this calm after such a huge change.

In fact, Fang Jie looked extremely chill as if he disregarded his own life.

“Professor, you are here.” Fang Jie greeted Qiu Yu with a smile, making the guilt in Qiu Yu’s eyes intensify.

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