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Conquer the World Chapter 163.1

Chapter 163: The Thoughts of a Small Figure (Part One)

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Qiu Yu was surprised by Fang Jie’s comment, and she raised her hand in anger, about to slam that chair.

Fang Jie quickly shook his head and said, “Don’t destroy it. It is the property of the government. If you destroy it in anger, they might add more charges to my sentence.”

Qiu Yu froze for a second and looked at her hand before asking, “Are you going to give up like this?”

Fang Jie lied down on the stone bed and said calmly as he looked at the ceiling, “Perhaps you don’t know me that well; I’m never someone who would give up. However, what can I do now? Make a fuss? Curse?”

He laughed and said, “Professor, when I first woke up, I was indeed angry, just like when I thought everything through on Half Moon Mountain. My first instinct when I saw that guy wearing the flying-fish robe was to strangle him to death. When I calmed down, I gave up that idea.”

Qiu Yu asked, “Because you gave up on life?”

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “Because I was sure that I couldn’t defeat him. Although that guy only has one arm, he probably can easily strangle me instead.”

He looked back at Qiu Yu and said, “When I was on a big tree and saw that young monk kill Liu Shuang and others, do you know what I wanted to do the most?”

“Escape,” Fang Jie said without giving Qiu Yu the chance to speak, “At that time, I already guessed most of what was going on. I wanted to run. My enemies from before were only people who didn’t want me to live; I didn’t worry too much about them even though they are powerful. However, I’m not facing a group of people this time; I’m facing the government of Great Sui. How can I fight back?”

He added, “Therefore, I wanted to escape. However, I knew that I couldn’t escape at all. My friends were still at Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence. At that moment, I understood why Wu Yidao paid so much attention to me and allowed my friends to live at his place. He knew that such a day would come, and his residence… is like a prison for my friends.”

He smiled and said, “The most ridiculous thing is that I begged him to allow my friends to live there. Now, I finally realized how dumb I am. I always thought I’m a smart person, but it is only an illusion. I thought for a long time in here, and I discovered that since I came to Chang’an, every step I made was planned by others, living according to others’ will. Like a dumb*ss, I thought everything was moving according to my plan, but I’m only a puppet, moving as others pulled the strings.”

The calmer Fang Jie was, the sadder Qiu Yu became.

“Professor, you asked me if I gave up on life. I thought about this question the most, and I’m sure that I can’t do anything else other than waiting for the final judgment. I don’t have insane cultivation strength to break this prison, and I don’t have the ability to duplicate myself and save all my friends in Chang’an. You know that a woman who is extremely important to me is working in the Royal Guard. She is like an organ of mine that is exposed outside my body; this organ could be pierced by others at any time.”

“I always thought that Mr. Zhuo wanted Sister Xiaoyao to enter the Royal Guard to help her, but it seems like the government was already planning on how to control me back then. It must be tough for so many big figures to spend time on me, such an insignificant figure.”

Fang Jie continued with a smile, “Just let me wait. I get to eat meat for all three meals a day. If I want to drink liquor, I can just tell the guards, and the liquor of Godly Spring Manor would be delivered to me soon. I even told them that I wanted to eat the hot noodle soup and steamed buns from the spot beside my shop, and they actually went and bought those things for me. The life here isn’t so bad. It is crude and dark here, but I don’t have to worry about being poisoned or assassinated. If I’m going to die, they will inform me first.”

Then, Fang Jie turned to Qiu Yu and said with a smile, “Thank you for coming to see me. Everything is great here, except that the guards would look at me like I’m an idiot when I try to chat with them. Perhaps they think I’m a fool for wanting to chat when I’m about to die. However, I can only feel at peace when I keep on talking. But now, I need a moment of silence.”

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