Chapter 163: The Thoughts of a Small Figure (Part Three)

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Since the Emperor wanted to launch a west expedition, the nation wouldn’t be as stable during the wartime. Only the kings in the empire could threaten the Emperor. They had their land, and the people living on their land paid taxes to them and not the government. Although they didn’t have many soldiers under their command, these soldiers were well-trained and equipped with great weapons and armor. If the war didn’t go well, and these kings united… It would be a bad situation.

Now, Pei Yan’s recommendation of using those gate soldiers, who were essentially private soldiers, in this war was a way to deal with the hidden threat.

Mou Liangbi believed that once these gate soldiers got onto the battlefield, they would die first, making those kings lose their military power right away.

“Mr. Pei’s recommendation is stable and good for the empire, but I don’t dare to agree with him.”

“Speak your mind,” the Emperor said.

“During the war, Your Majesty should focus on maintaining the stability of Great Sui. If you summon the private soldiers of various kings before the war, it would be destroying the peace. What I say next might be rude… Right now, Your Majesty should have more trust in people you already trust, and Your Majesty also needs to trust those you don’t trust, even if… it is only a way to comfort them.”

The Emperor laughed and replied, “I have already said no to Pei Yan’s recommendation.”

Then, he looked at Mou Liangbi earnestly and said, “Now, I can trust you with the war. You are more experienced than Pei Yan, and you know when to do things.”

“Your Majesty, thank you for your trust!” Mou Liangbi bowed and felt glad that he didn’t go where the Emperor led him to. He thought, “This ruler’s mind… is as deep as the ocean.”

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Besides the lotus pond in Smooth Spring Garden, Du Hongxian who was in her blue floral dress blanked out as she stared at the blooming lotuses.

After coming back from Half Moon Mountain, she found an inn in Chang’an and stay there to recover.

She wasn’t planning on interacting with anyone from the government, and she only battled that old monk with Phoenix-Chirp Daoist and others due to coincidence.

She hated those monks; there was no so-called side of justice and side of evil. She hated them because of her background.

However, she knew that since she was in Chang’an, she couldn’t avoid the government.

She wasn’t surprised at all when a eunuch came and informed her that the Emperor wanted to see her.

Eunuch Wu Three stood by her side with his back slightly bent, looking to be extremely respectful toward this village woman. He didn’t dare to make any noises to disturb the train of thoughts of this beautiful yet unfashionable woman. He didn’t know that this woman was only blanking out and not thinking.

When Wu Three saw Mou Liangbi walking out of the Emperor’s room, he quickly told Du Hongxian, “You may go into the room now; His Majesty is waiting.”

Du Hongxian nodded and followed Wu Three.

While leading the way, Wu Three asked respectfully, “I heard that you are from Fangu?”


“Mr. Fang is also from Fangu; we are quite close,” Wu Three said with a smile.

“Eh.” Du Hongxian looked at Wu Three and asked after a moment of silence, “What do you want to say?”

“I heard that… Mr. Fang… isn’t doing well recently…” Wu Three said attentively. Although he looked calm, he was extremely nervous. He knew that Fang Jie was in trouble and might be executed, but he wasn’t willing to accept the fact that the first talented figure who he established a relationship without outside the Royal Palace was going to collapse like this. Therefore, he decided to risk it. If he could really help Fang Jie when the latter needed it the most, he would step into the sky if Fang Jie soared in the future. Even if he couldn’t save Fang Jie, who would know that a small figure like him tried to intervene in such a big matter?

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