Chapter 164: Three Graves (Part One)

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Fang Jie leaned on the iron gate and asked the two royal guards outside through the small window on the iron gate, “Two brothers, what time is it now?”

The royal guard on the left looked at the royal guard on the right, telling the latter that Fang Jie was asking him the question. The royal guard on the right looked up at the ceiling and pretended that he didn’t hear anything.

Fang Jie didn’t seem like a person on death row. He kept on talking to these two royal guards from the morning until now.

He leaned on the door, and he sometimes dragged over the chair to squat it. He even tried to pull over the stone bed, but he couldn’t do it.

“How come it is so dark in here? Is it about to rain?”

“Brother, judging from your round forehead and smooth chin, do you have two sons already?”

“Brother, where is the tailor shop that makes these flying-fish robes. They look great. After I get out of here, I will go and check it out. If the tailors there are great, I will give them a big order.”

Fang Jie asked many boring questions; it felt like he wouldn’t get tired.

The two royal guards couldn’t leave, so they were tortured by Fang Jie’s words.

Seeing these two royal guards not responding to his questions, he poked his head through the small window and pulled the collar of one royal guard. “Bro, what time is it now?”

“Cough…” The royal guard turned around and said to Fang Jie with an awkward smile, “Sir, can you let go of me? How about I go and check the time for you outside? It is dark here even if it is sunny outside.”

“Great!” Fang Jie praised, “Brother, you sure are scholarly! I have a few poems; do you want to hear them?”

“Let me go and check out the weather outside…”

This royal guard broke free from Fang Jie’s grab and quickly ran outside.

If their boss didn’t tell them that they had to tolerate this young man regardless of what he did, they would have entered the room and whipped him. Now, they could only try their best to endure this.

After this royal guard left, Fang Jie wasn’t going to make the life of the other royal guard easy.

“Brother, do you like literature?”

This royal guard turned around with an expression of pain and asked Fang Jie, “Sir, are you hungry? Should I bring you some food and liquor? Poets need liquor when reciting poems, right?”

“That is good.” Fang Jie nodded and said, “Besides, can you get me an inkbrush, an inkstick, an inkstone, and paper? I want to write down my thoughts, and I might be able to publish it as a book, making a ton of money.”

“No problem!” The royal guard ran outside and said, “As long as you don’t talk, I can even get girls for you!”

“Really? When I don’t need all that. Can you get me a girl?” Fang Jie called.

Whoosh! That royal guard almost fell to the ground. He finally stabilized his body after a few steps, but he didn’t dare to talk to Fang Jie anymore. He wanted to beg the department deputy and ask to change his position, getting someone else to guard Fang Jie.

The iron gate of the stone room was about two inches thick, so even level 9 masters might not be able to break it. There was no need for these two royal guards to watch Fang Jie, but the deputy asked them to monitor Fang Jie at all times. That made them suffer; this young man was like a maniac.

After the two of them left, Fang Jie quickly tore a piece of cloth from his inner shirt and clenched it in his hand. Then, he walked back to his chair casually and murmured, “Fatty, it is going to be all up to you now!”

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