Chapter 164: Three Graves (Part Two)

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He had to pass out the message. Even if he couldn’t get away, he must tell Chen Qingshan and others to escape. He was always being monitored, so he couldn’t do anything. Even when he got a visitor, their conversation was overheard by the guards outside the cell, so Fang Jie couldn’t arrange anything.

That was why he asked for an inkbrush, an inkstick, an inkstone, and paper. The paper sheets would be counted, so it would be discovered if he hid a piece of paper. That was why he ripped a piece of cloth from his inner shirt when those two royal guards left.

Fang Jie had to be extra careful when doing something so minor; there were several people who he cared deeply for in Chang’an.

Surrender? Fang Jie never believed that everything was set in fate, and he didn’t think that there was no way to fight back under pressure. At least he could try to make Mu Xiaoyao and others safe.

Li Nan was dead.

That level 9 master who knocked Chen Qingshan away when she attacked the Ministry of War died that quickly. This senior was powerful enough to be famous in Great Sui, but he died on Half Moon Mountain.

He wouldn’t have died if he didn’t block Wisdom’s strike for Du Hongxian, but he knew that Du Hongxian’s light-body skill was the worst among them.

About 11 years ago, he and Du Hongxian both went on the journey to the west, and he knew Du Hongxian earlier than Su Tugou did. Even though that battle was extremely tragic, he was the only person who retreated in the end, causing Su Tugou, the person who was coordinating with him, to be severely injured.

Du Hongxian who was a little fond of him never looked at him again. After that battle, Du Hongxian disappeared with Su Tugou on her back, and Li Nan returned to Chang’an, disheveled.

In the last 11 years, Li Nan never set a foot out of Chang’an.

However, he died smiling since Du Hongxian told him that others were waiting for him.

Others were the heroes of Great Sui who died on the grassland 11 years ago. Because of what Du Hongxian said, Li Nan finished his redemption. He knew that he could face his brothers and sisters in the underworld and apologize to them.

Du Hongxian didn’t feel anything special when Li Nan died; she was quite calm. It seemed like Li Nan should die like this in her eyes and not live humbly in Chang’an.

The Emperor looked at this village woman who killed enemies for Great Sui 11 years ago, and he didn’t know where to start. He just got onto the throne not long ago at that time, and Great Sui wasn’t stable. Mongo-Yuan gathered a group of cultivation masters and planned on sneak-attacking Chang’an.

Royal King Zhong, Yang Qi, traveled west and summoned cultivation masters from the martial arts circle. When he reached the northwest border, hundreds of cultivation masters followed him. They were mostly hermits who disassociated themselves with the world.

They might not walk out and fight for Great Sui if the government issued orders, but they all moved out when hearing Yang Qi’s summon.

The Emperor knew that he owed these people including Du Hongxian.

“Thanks.” After a long moment of silence, the Emperor got off his heatable brick bed and bowed toward Du Hongxian.

He was the Emperor of Great Sui and the ruler of the east. However, he bowed to a village woman willingly.

Du Hongxian didn’t move nor stop him; she accepted it.

“I didn’t die back then. I will accept Your Majesty’s bow on their behalf,” she said.

The Emperor straightened his body and nodded while saying, “When the military starts its west expedition, I will inform the world that the people of Great Sui enjoyed the last 11 years of peace because of you guys. I know that you have grudges against me; I should have announced it to the world 11 years ago, but I dragged it on until now. You should know why I didn’t say anything back then…”

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