Chapter 164: Three Graves (Part Three)

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The Emperor continued after a short pause, “Since the First Emperor created Great Sui, the biggest characteristic of the people of Great Sui is their pride. That was why I had to hide what you guys did. If I told the people of Great Sui that many cultivation masters died because of Mongo-Yuan’s invasion, they would be enraged and ask me to wage war against Mongo-Yuan. I couldn’t wage war back then. If the war occurred, Great Sui would fall into a troubled state. However, if I didn’t wage war, I would be a coward in the court of public opinion. I’m the ruler, so I have to consider more things compared to other people.”

Du Hongxian’s expression didn’t change. She looked at the Emperor and said lightly, “Your Majesty did the right thing. When we traveled west, no one wanted to get anything from the government. Since Sensei summoned us, we went. It was that simple.”

Those heroes didn’t do it for honor, glory, or monetary rewards. They also didn’t do it for the government or the Emperor.

“There are no perfect people; I will admit my mistakes when I see them,” the Emperor said.

After a moment of silence, Du Hongxian said to the Emperor earnestly, “Sensei summoned us, so we went. If it were anyone else, we might not go. Sensei was extremely reputable in the martial arts circle, so we didn’t mind dying for him. Therefore, Your Majesty doesn’t need to feel guilty toward us. You owe Sensei, and he owes us.”

Du Hongxian continued, “Years later, I finally realized that Sensei traveled west not only to kill enemies.”

She stared into the Emperor’s eyes and said, “The end goal was the stability of Your Majesty’s throne. Many cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan died, and so did cultivation masters of Great Sui. Your Majesty benefited the most from it. Your Majesty was able to relax when those cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan died, and you were able to sleep at night when 70 percent of cultivation masters of Great Sui died. Sensei brought us to die, wanting to reduce the people who could threaten Your Majesty’s safety.”

The Emperor’s expression changed, but he didn’t stop Du Hongxian from speaking.

“Sensei achieved three goals on that trip. Although Sensei wasn’t in the government anymore, his influence was still huge; Your Majesty wouldn’t feel comfortable if he didn’t leave. The cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan were vicious and savage; Your Majesty wouldn’t feel comfortable if many of them were still around. The cultivation masters of Great Sui in the martial arts circle were unruly and powerful; Your Majesty wouldn’t feel comfortable if some of them didn’t die. Your Majesty was able to have 11 years of peace from that trip to the west; Sensei should be pleased with the result. In the end, Your Majesty owes Sensei a lot.”

The Emperor looked displeased, but he didn’t express it. “I know. That was why I protected everything and everyone close to him.”

“But Your Majesty breached this promise,” Du Hongxian said coldly.

“What did I breach?” The Emperor’s patience was finally about to run out. He stared at Du Hongxian and said, “I didn’t let anyone touch my seventh brother’s properties; his family members, including his servants, are treated with respect.”

“Your Majesty imprisoned his disciple!” Du Hongxian said, “Fang Jie is his disciple.”

“Fang Jie is really Seventh Brother’s disciple?” The Emperor was surprised.

“Your Majesty doesn’t trust anyone, so you doubted Fang Jie. Your Majesty doesn’t really trust Sensei as well; why would you imprison Fang Jie otherwise?” Du Hongxian bowed and said, “Your Majesty, thank you for summoning me. I’m only a village woman, and I don’t know many rites, making Your Majesty angry. Allow me to say farewell and return to Fangu. My husband followed Sensei to the west the second time, and he is dead for sure. Sensei’s old injuries aren’t healed, so he might not make it back as well. After I return to Fangu, I will make three graves. One for Sensei, one for my husband, and one for Fang Jie. In front of Sensei’s grave, I will tell him that his lineage has ended, and Your Majesty did it.”

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