Chapter 165: Qingniu’s Lie (Part One)

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After a long moment of silence, the Emperor heaved a long sigh and asked Du Hongxian, “Are you trying to trigger me on purpose? Do you think that I don’t dare to do anything to you?”

While the Emperor said that, Su Buwei who stood behind the Emperor with his back bent took a small step forward.

Although this eunuch was still standing by the Emperor, he made Du Hongxian squint her eyes.

It was easy to ignore this eunuch in the room, but no one could ignore him anymore when he stood a step forward, not even Du Hongxian who was a level 9 master.

“Your Majesty is going to wage war against the savages in the west. Why would I think that Your Majesty doesn’t dare to kill a village woman like me?” Du Hongxian’s response was neutral, but no respect could be heard in her voice.

What she said earlier was direct and cold. However, she wasn’t wrong.

When Royal King Zhong traveled west about 11 years ago, he did it for his fourth brother. Those cultivation masters in the martial arts circle followed him not because of the Emperor. That was why Du Hongxian said that the Emperor owed Yang Qi while Yang Qi owed those cultivation masters.

Although Du Hongxian knew that the goal of Royal King Zhong’s journey to the west wasn’t pure, it didn’t change the amount of respect she had toward him. When she said the word “Sensei”, much more respect could be heard compared to when she said the words “Your Majesty”.

“I will remember our talk today.” The Emperor looked down at the name on the Talent Ledger that wasn’t wiped out yet, and he said after pondering for a while, “I won’t kill him easily, but I also won’t release him casually. I’m the lord who dictates the lives of countless people and controls a vast territory. You can think that I’m afraid of death and imprisoned Fang Jie because he might be a member of the Buddhist Sect and do bad things. However, since my life is linked to the lives of countless people, I need to worry about that even if I don’t want to.”

Hearing this, Du Hongxian couldn’t help but think about Fang Jie. In her mind, that young man was also someone who could make his fear of death sound so grand and holy.

“I will be leaving now.” There wasn’t anything more to be said.

The Emperor thought for a second and said, “Don’t live in that inn anymore. My seventh brother still has a residence in Chang’an, and you are associated with him. You can live there. The servants are those who have followed him long ago, so you might not know them. But if you tell them that you are someone who followed him to the west, they will respect you as much as him.”

“As to making three graves in Fangu… Forget about that. My seventh brother won’t die that easily. When he guarded one of the gates of Chang’an with his people, others thought that he would die for sure. However, he didn’t die. When he ventured onto the grassland with his sword, many people also thought that he was dead for sure. However, he didn’t die as well. This time, I firmly believe that he won’t die because he is my brother and Royal King Zhong of Great Sui!”

“Even if my seventh brother dies, you don’t need to make a grave in Fangu. He will be buried in the Royal Tomb beside me!”

Du Hongxian was surprised this time, and she took another look at the Emperor. Then, she bowed and left the room.

This wasn’t a pleasant nor successful talk.

Du Hongxian was already surprised that the Emperor tolerated her rudeness. She thought that the Emperor would jump up in fury after hearing her straightforward words, but the Emperor didn’t do that even though he was angry.

It wasn’t the Emperor’s tolerance that left a deep mark on Du Hongxian’s mind; it was that eunuch who looked humble and quiet.

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