Chapter 165: Qingniu’s Lie (Part Two)

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Li Nan was a level 9 master, but he wasn’t at this level 11 years ago. When battling that old monk outside Chang’an, Du Hongxian saw Li Nan’s meteor-like flying sword technique. It was filled with sadness and desolation; perhaps it reflected his internal state for the last 11 years.

What happened 11 years ago stimulated him, allowing him to enter this realm and giving his sword spirit this presence.

However, Li Nan became a level 9 master too late. He was even weaker than Phoenix-Chirp Daoist and Zhuo Buyi, let alone Wisdom. Otherwise, the crippled old man wouldn’t be able to save Chen Qingshan from him that night.

Du Hongxian couldn’t tell how powerful Su Buwei was, but she felt like he was stronger than Li Nan.

After walking out of the room, Du Hongxian looked up and saw that the clear sky had turned grey. A thick layer of clouds covered the sky above Chang’an, and perhaps a huge rainstorm would strike. Although heavy rain would cool down the weather, it was also depressing.

Wu Three was waiting outside. Seeing Du Hongxian walking out, this small eunuch walked over with his back bent and said with a smile, “The horse-drawn carriage is outside Smooth Spring Garden. His Majesty informed me earlier to bring you to Royal King Zhong’s residence.”

Du Hongxian nodded and followed Wu Three. Then, she said, “Fang Jie would be glad that he has a friend like you.”

Wu Three was surprised and replied in a low voice with a smile, “Please forget what I said earlier, at least before Mr. Fang is released from prison.”

Du Hongxian nodded and said, “I know; no one wants to die.”

“Right, right, right.” Wu Three smiled flatteringly and said, “Especially someone like me who is lowly and humble. It is much better being alive.”

“Don’t worry. Since Fang Jie likes you as a friend, he wouldn’t want to be lonely if he dies. I also don’t want him to be lonely on the journey to the underworld. Do you know what I mean?” Du Hongxian said that before she got into the horse-drawn carriage.

Wu Three froze as a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. He murmured, “How come… it is hot today?”

However, his heart was shivering in cold.

Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence looked the same as usual. Since Wu Yidao wasn’t home, and Wu Yinyu went to One Qi Daoist Temple, the main gate of the residence was closed, and no servants could be seen welcoming guests.

This residence wasn’t eye-catching in Chang’an; it looked a little too low-key for Wu Yidao. It was much smaller than the home that Wu Yidao had before he was given the noble title.

The shop that Fang Jie rented on East 23rd Street was far from here. It would take close to two hours to walk there.

Since Chang’an was so big, there were horse-drawn carriages that people could take to travel in the city, and it wasn’t expensive. Going from the west to the east would only take five cash coins.

Da Quan and Chen Qingshan were surprised when Qi Lin returned. When they asked, Qi Lin said Principal Zhou told him that Fang Jie needed to cultivate in the back mountain of the academy for a while, and no one could disturb him. Once Fang Jie was done, Qi Lin would be informed to go back.

Qi Lin would doubt the validity of this claim if anyone else said that to him. However, there was no reason for him to doubt Principal Zhou.

Two days after Qi Lin returned to Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence, Da Quan remembered what Fang Jie told him, so he planned to check Fang Jie’s shop with Qi Lin to see the progress of those tailors.

Da Quan knew how talented Fang Jie was at doing business; he never thought that Fang Jie wouldn’t make money. He only wanted to see how much money that Fang Jie could make this time; would it be more than the money generated by those three buildings in Fangu?

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