Chapter 166: The Sit Down (Part One)

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It was already dark when Xiang Qingniu returned to the daoist temple. Although the sky was dark throughout the day, it didn’t end up raining. It seemed like people could see the dragon god dancing and turning in the clouds when they raised their heads.

Without wind, the humid weather seemed even hotter.

Xiang Qingniu’s black robe was soaked in sweat when he returned.

He didn’t tell Spiritual Master Xiao about Professor Qiu Yu finding him in private. He knew that old daoist well. In that daoist’s opinion, the Daoist Sect should never interfere with the government.

The Emperor could issue orders to the Daoist Sect, but the Daoist Sect shouldn’t look for trouble.

If Spiritual Master Xiao learned about this, he would lock Xiang Qingniu in the daoist temple.

This daoist temple was built when the Second Emperor was ruling Great Sui, so its history was richer than One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain.

Since the Emperor wanted to make One Qi Daoist Temple the holy land of the Daoist Sect, this daoist temple was at a lower level even though its history was longer.

When the daoists from One Qi Daoist Temple moved in, the disciples of this temple became extremely low-key.

The daoist temple master was named Daoist Baisen, and he was about 60 years old. He was humble and addressed himself as a disciple before Spiritual Master Xiao. Therefore, he was junior to Xiang Qingniu as well. After all, Xiang Qingniu was Spiritual Master Xiao’s junior brother, and Spiritual Master Xiao would even need to yield to him when he was temperamental.

Long ago, their master said that Xiang Qingniu would be the one to lift the Daoist Sect, and he was the most talented among the four disciples that his master had, including the second disciple who was brilliant.

However, it seemed like talent was something hard to estimate. Although their master praised Xiang Qingniu’s talent more than once, this fatty was still the weakest among the four many years later.

Xiang Qingniu’s elder senior brother, Xiao Yijiu, was now the leader of Daoism and had an unparalleled reputation in the martial arts circle. His third senior brother worked in the Royal Palace and had an insanely high position. As to his second senior brother… that man was special, and no one knew where he was right now.

Xiang Qingniu started to undress when he walked into his room. This daoist robe looked dignified, but it was extremely hot wearing black clothes in such weather. However, he froze half-way, and his face turned pale when he saw the person sitting by the table and drinking tea.

“You… how come you are here?” he asked.

The man drinking tea at the table was wearing a fancy robe, and he said, “Although I have left the sect, I’m still your third senior brother. Isn’t it rude for you not to address me as your senior brother?”

“Rude about what?” Xiang Qingniu threw his robe to the side and took off his undershirt as well. Then, he soaked a towel in cold water and started to wipe his body.

As he moved, the fat on his body giggled. Even mature women might be jealous of his chest.

“You entered my room without my consent. Who is ruder? Don’t try to act aloof because you are my senior brother. It’s not like I never pulled the beard of that old guy who is showier than you.” Xiang Qingniu glanced at this man and asked, “Royal Guard Captain, you are one of His Majesty’s favorite people. You won’t be here for no reason. Quickly tell me. It is almost time for dinner, and I’m not planning to keep you here for the meal.”

This man was Luo Weiran!

Luo Weiran finished the cold tea in the cup, walked to the door, and looked around the corridor before shutting the door.

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