Chapter 166: The Sit Down (Part Three)

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“Sit down!” Luo Weiran pulled back Xiang Qingniu and said coldly, “I know you respect Second Senior Brother; you won’t listen to Master but would listen to him. But do you know Second Senior Brother well? Do you know who he is?”

Xiang Qingniu said confidently, “Of course! He is my second senior brother, Xiang Qingzheng!”

“Yeah, he is Xiang Qingzheng, but he has another identity that you don’t know about.”

“What is his other identity?”

“He is Royal King Zhong of Great Sui, the seventh brother of His Majesty. He used the name Xiang Qingzheng when he cultivated in the sect. His real name is Yang Qi. If he didn’t find me about 11 years ago and asked me to protect His Majesty for him, I wouldn’t know that he is a royal king who His Majesty trusts the most!”

Xiang Qingniu was stunned when he heard this. After a long while of silence, he looked at Luo Weiran and asked with a bitter smile, “Why did you make up this story?”

“This isn’t a story,” Luo Weiran said earnestly, “The second senior brother who you respect the most is also someone who you know very little of. For example, he went to the grassland for the second time. I need to explain everything about Second Senior Brother to you before you try to save your friends. After you understand everything, perhaps you won’t want to save them.”

After pausing for a second, he stared at Xiang Qingniu in his eyes and said, “You know that I left the sect about 11 years ago and came to Chang’an. After I put on the flying-fish robe, I never left Chang’an since. You always said that I’m too materialistic, and I never explained it to you. I suddenly left and became one of His Majesty’s guards because Second Senior Brother asked me to.”

“About 11 years ago, Second Senior Brother left Chang’an and traveled west. He first returned to the sect and asked me to protect His Majesty. He said that Elder Senior Brother is tasked with something important, and you are too playful. Only I could do it. I instantly came to Chang’an without hesitation; I would do whatever he asked me to do since I respect him greatly as well.”

Luo Weiran sighed and added, “I regret not asking him where he was going. I only figured out what burden I’m shouldering for him when he started to kill enemies on the grassland. I have been wearing this flying-fish robe for 11 years, but I’m still your third senior brother. Everyone says that I’m His Majesty’s loyal dog, but I’m only following Second Senior Brother’s order.”

“Why did he go to the grassland 11 years ago?” Xiang Qingniu asked after a long moment of silence.

“To kill,” Luo Weiran said, “When His Majesty just got onto the throne, Great Sui was experiencing turbulence. Mongo-Yuan gathered a group of cultivation masters and tried to assassinate His Majesty. Great General Li Yuanshan who was stationed in the northwest detected it and delivered the message back to Chang’an. Second Senior Brother instantly traveled west after hearing about it, and he summoned the cultivation masters in the martial arts circle along the way. They battled the cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan at Fangu, killing all the enemies. However, Second Senior Brother didn’t return; he marched toward the west, aiming at Great Snow Mountain.”

After a pause, Luo Weiran said dispiritedly, “He never came back since then. I only heard about his again until Fang Jie got to Chang’an.”

“Why is Fang Jie related to this?” Xiang Qingniu asked.

“Perhaps… Fang Jie could be considered Second Senior Brother’s disciple?” Luo Weiran shook his head in confusion as he said, “I don’t know what Second Senior Brother did to Fang Jie in Fangu, but he must have used an insane method, turning Fang Jie from a wastrel into a genius. Fang Jie should be considered his disciple for this fact alone.”

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