Chapter 167: Chenxiao (Part One)

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What did the mysterious and powerful Royal King Zhong do to Fang Jie at Fangu?

Perhaps no one knew except Yang Qi himself. Fang Jie didn’t even know the answer to that question.

This seemed unfair for Fang Jie, but he was also fortunate because of it.

Due to his encounter with Yang Qi, he obtained many benefits, including not being executed right now since some people said that he was Yang Qi’s disciple.

Fang Jie already had that person’s mark on him. For the next a long while, people would refer to him as Royal King Zhong’s disciple when mentioning him.

Of course, Fang Jie didn’t know that Luo Weiran helped him when he tried to pass out that message from his cell; Luo Weiran moved a royal guard who was monitoring Fang Jie in secret when Fang Jie did that.

Fang Jie thought that he did it discreetly, but he would have failed since he underestimated the professionalism of the royal guards. His impression of the Royal Guard was only the tip of an iceberg.

As the most terrifying agency in Great Sui, the Royal Guard had its supreme status. In terms of making arrests and interrogation, it ruled over the Ministry of Justice and the Court of Judicial Review. In terms of intelligence gathering, even the military needed its support.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Luo Weiran and Hou Wenji were the two people who knew the most secrets in Chang’an.

The relationship between Fang Jie and Yang Qi was unclear. That simple encounter was a mystery to many, including Su Tugou and Du Hongxian who were there that day. They didn’t know what technique Yang Qi, who they referred to respectfully as Sensei, used on Fang Jie, and they didn’t know what Yang Qi discovered in Fang Jie’s body.

Xiang Qingniu sat in front of Luo Weiran in a daze, listening to the other side of his second senior brother, Xiang Qingzheng as well as Royal King Zhong of Great Sui, that he knew nothing about before.

He remembered asking his second senior brother why his name was Qingzheng. His second senior brother smiled and said, “When people are young, they should fight more and not back off often.”

After all, the word zheng means to fight.

Although the explanation was simple, Xiang Qingniu felt like he didn’t understand it clearly. In his eyes, his second senior brother was always mysterious and profound. Even the simplest thing sounded complicated when he said it.

He admired his second senior brother and saw this man as his idol.

He even kept the same family name as Xiang Qingzheng, and his name was similar as well. Although Spiritual Master Xiao always laughed at his name Qingniu since it meant a cyan ox, Xiang Qingniu still felt like it was an impressive name.

He thought he knew everything about his second senior brother.

But today, he suddenly realized that he knew nothing about his second senior brother. He never thought that his second senior brother was the famous Royal King Zhong of Great Sui. Everyone in Great Sui knew Royal King Zhong, and even the civilians praised this royal king’s wisdom and loyalty. However, it was tough to put such a figure together with an insanely powerful cultivation master.

“Why did Second Senior Brother hide his identity?” Xiang Qingniu asked.

Luo Weiran shook his head and said, “It is hard to say since it has been so long. Perhaps His Majesty knows why, but His Majesty won’t say anything about it. I said all that to you for one reason – due to the unclear relationship between Fang Jie and Second Senior Brother, nothing will happen to him in the next while.”

Then, he stared at Xiang Qingniu’s eyes and said, “If you listened to Fang Jie and snuck out of Chang’an with Da Quan and others, you would be killing him. Not only would Fang Jie die, but many others would also be affected. First, you can’t bring those people out of Chang’an. Even if you managed to do so, have you considered how many people would die because of that? The royal guards around Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence will be executed! Those are dozens of lives alone!”

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