Chapter 167: Chenxiao (Part Two)

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“Also, the people living inside Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence. Do you think they will end well once Fang Jie’s friends disappear?”

Luo Weiran said, “You still have the same personality as when you were little; you are willing to do anything for your friends, but you don’t think much. That is why I’m here to remind you. You aren’t in a hurry to do anything since I’m looking after Fang Jie. I have no connection to Fang Jie, but he is linked to Second Senior Brother. Do you think I will just watch him die?”

After a long silence, Xiang Qingniu nodded and said, “Alright, I will trust you this time.”

“Things should turn out fine,” Luo Weiran said, “I’m in charge of the Royal Guard. It is much more effective if I say good things about Fang Jie compared to you helping him bring his friends out of Chang’an. Also, you know that there is the Intelligence Department and Hou Wenji. I can’t dictate many things. I know that you are leaving Chang’an tomorrow with Fang Jie’s friends, but he might not. Guess what would happen if you guys run into him tomorrow?”

Then, he stood up and patted Xiang Qingniu’s shoulder. “I already notified Da Quan and others; they won’t come out of Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence tonight.”

“Why would they listen to you?” Xiang Qingniu asked.

Luo Weiran smiled and said, “Because their relationships with Fang Jie is much deeper. I only needed to tell them that Fang Jie would die if they escaped.”

Xiang Qingniu nodded and sighed, “In terms of being shameless, the ones in official uniforms are much better at it.”

Luo Weiran rolled his eyes and then said with a smile, “You don’t need to get involved in this anymore. You can’t do anything. I will tell you something else. His Majesty met someone from Fangu in Smooth Spring Garden today. I notified her in secret prior, telling her to describe the relationship between Fang Jie and Second Senior Brother as close as possible. Now, Fang Jie’s identity as Second Senior Brother’s disciple should be solid. His Majesty should be hesitant to do anything to Fang Jie. She did well, much cleaner than you.”

Xiang Qingniu nodded and said in confusion, “Third Senior Brother, how come I find you much more pleasant to the eye today?”

“It is because you were blind before.” Luo Weiran chuckled before walking out.

“I thank you for not calling me a dumb*ss on my ancestors’ behalf!” Xiang Qingniu murmured and still felt messy inside.

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-The foot of Half Moon Mountain to the north-

Fang Henshui carried Wisdom to a hidden place. This was below the roots of a giant ancient tree, and no one could see them without looking around intentionally.

Under the cover of wild grass, there was a medium-sized cave below this giant ancient tree.

Fang Henshui didn’t need to worry about beasts; there were no animals on Half Moon Mountain.

The old monk was still as proud as ever. Even though that young monk had died, he was still unwilling to walk on his own. He told Fang Henshui to carry him on his back, so Fang Henshui had to carry one-day-worth of dry bread in one hand while supporting the old monk with the other. He almost fell several times as he got down the mountain, but he clenched his teeth and persisted. He didn’t even know what he looked like now.

After getting inside this cave, Fang Henshui took off his dirty robe and put it on the ground, making a clean spot for the old monk to sit. Then, he said to the old monk respectfully, “Please rest here. I will go and find some water.”


After cursing Principal Zhou and Spiritual Master Xiao that day, this old monk never talked to Fang Henshui again. Therefore, Fang Henshui was surprised when he heard that.

“What is your order?”

“We are already at the foot of the mountain,” the old monk said after a moment of hesitation, “We can’t leave here in a hurry. It would be flat once we leave the mountain, and those people will easily find us. I won’t lie to you; I’m injured and need to recover. I can only recover in three to five days. If we travel forward, I might not be able to defend against those people.”

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