Chapter 168: Disgusting (Part One)

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While trying to memorize the incantation, Fang Henshui would frequently peek at this old monk who changed his fate. He didn’t know what kind of path he was walking on, but he was sure that it was in the opposite direction of his dream.

He dreamed of becoming an excellent police chief, getting promoted after solving many cases. Then, he would one day become the county magistrate or even the governor of his state. Perhaps he might even become the governor-general of his circuit when all his hair turned white!

He dreamed of becoming an unparalleled cultivation master, blocking countless foreign enemies for Great Sui and even making the Emperor look at him with appreciation. He would earn a noble title and have good kids and a big group of disciples, being influential in the government and the martial arts circle.

He dreamed of marrying a beautiful and wise daughter of an influential official. Even if he couldn’t become someone influential, he could live a good life. He would walk on the beach while holding his wife’s hand, hearing the waves and seeing the sunset. He would enjoy every season and the rotation of the sun and the moon.

He even dreamed of being buried on that hill in his hometown with his tombstone facing the ocean.

However, all of that was gone.

After Wisdom taught Fang Henshui the feign death technique, this old monk closed his eyes and stopped talking. However, Fang Henshui still didn’t dare to disobey this old monk; the latter wasn’t tall but had a mountain-like pressure. Although the old monk was injured, Fang Henshui knew that this man could still kill him with one finger.

Fang Henshui smiled bitterly and thought, “The Buddhist Sect; I’m now a member of the Buddhist Sect that the people of Great Sui look down upon. Why is fate so unfair for me?”

He was only the police chief of a remote county, and he was just a common person. He only had ambitious dreams because everyone had unachievable dreams.

He knew that in the end, his life would be ordinary. He would probably marry a daughter of a fisherman. His wife would probably have a thick waist and rough skin that was caused by being blown by the sea wind everyday. He would probably have several kids who would be sitting at the door every night, waiting for him to return from work. After seeing him, they would all run up to him and hug him.

“How did I end up in this situation? Who did I offend? Why am I so unlucky?”

Fang Henshui thought about many things and gradually fell asleep. Although the old monk wasn’t heavy, Fang Henshui was exhausted after carrying him down the mountain. Also, he hadn’t eaten anything in two days.

He picked up some food from the students who Chenya killed, but he had to throw some away when they ran. Only the old monk could enjoy the food, and he could only watch; he didn’t even dare to smell the food.

After falling asleep, he had an endless nightmare. In his nightmare, he was wearing a grey monk’s uniform and a golden monk’s robe while walking on the grassland.

Those herdsmen in strange clothes worshiped him and offered their treasures and food as tributes.

The most beautiful women in the world knelt in front of him and kissed his toes.

He looked at these foreigners and felt the wind of the grassland that was completely different from the wind of the sea. In his dream, the grassland was just as endless as the ocean, but it was green. When the wind blew across the grassland, the grass moved up and down like waves. He just stood there and accepted being worshipped by everyone.

At this moment, a black flood suddenly appeared on the eastern horizon.

He opened his eyes wide and watched in horror as the black flood rushed toward him.

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