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Conquer the World Chapter 168.2

Chapter 168: Disgusting (Part Two)

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The green grass was stomped, and the people around him were turned into pieces. Groans and howls resonated in the area.

These were the elite heavy cavalrymen of Great Sui. They destroyed the peace in his dream.

These cavalrymen of Great Sui were in black armor, and their sharp spears harvested the lives of these people as if they were farmers cutting down crops.

Like a black tornado, they destroyed everything in their way, and no one could block their path. The loud war horns of Great Sui seemed to tear the sky into two pieces.

Fang Henshui couldn’t block this powerful army. A red warhorse knocked him over, and the cavalryman on the back of this horse looked at him coldly without emotions. This cavalryman had a long saber in his hand, and blood was dripped down the blade.

Fang Henshui wanted to kneel and beg, but he couldn’t turn around as the warhorse stepped on his back with its hooves. He wanted to say that he was a member of Great Sui as well, but he felt like the eyes behind the faceguard could see through everything.

“You are a traitor, a traitor to Great Sui. Therefore, you must die,” this general of Great Sui said coldly before slowly raising that giant red saber. Now, Fang Henshui got a good look and realized that it wasn’t stained by blood; the saber was red to begin with. It was a mysterious and terrifying saber.

When the saber was raised, it felt like the sunlight could penetrate it.

It was a beautiful yet terrifying saber.

When the saber slashed down, Fang Henshui even saw his own head rolling on the ground as blood gushed out of his neck. Shame was written all over the blood.

“Ah!” Fang Henshui suddenly woke up from this nightmare, and he was already soaked in sweat.

“I’m no longer a member of Great Sui…” Fang Henshui thought to himself as his body shivered. He curled up in a corner of the cave and hugged his knees with his arms. Then, he placed his head between his legs and didn’t dare to look at this world.

After a long while, he suddenly raised his head and looked at the old monk with hatred in his eyes.

Since it was late into the night, it was even darker in the cave. He could only see the rough outline of this old monk; it felt like a zombie was sitting there cross-legged.

The old monk was still meditating and didn’t seem to sense what happened with Fang Henshui.

Fang Henshui bit his lips, and blood slowly slid down his chin.

Fang Jie stretched his body after he woke up, and he failed to calculate the time once more.

One couldn’t see the outside in this prison. Even if it were sunny outside, it would be extremely dark in here without a lamp. The light in the prison was always dim yellow, so it was impossible for Fang Jie to figure out if it was day or night.

After staying here for a long while, people would slowly lose track of everything. Perhaps it was intentional, but Fang Jie received food at different times as well. Gradually, Fang Jie was too tired to think if the sun was out or the moon was out.

If Fang Jie didn’t talk, he could even hear his own heartbeat in this tranquil room. People always wanted to pursue a peaceful lifestyle at one point in their lives, not wanting to be disturbed by others. However, if they were inside such a quiet secret room, endless fear would engulf their minds.

Since there was absolutely no noise, even the sounds that he made when he turned on the bed were ear-piercing.

Fang Jie frowned for a while before suddenly relaxing as he farted, breaking the tranquility of the room.

He smiled proudly before turning around and continuing to sleep.

Perhaps it was a meaningless fight, but it wasn’t ridiculous; it was filled with desolation and powerlessness.

When Fang Jie opened his eyes the second time, no changes happened to the room.

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