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Conquer the World Chapter 168.3

Chapter 168: Disgusting (Part Three)

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The oil lamp was still in its position, providing light to this dark room. It was hard to tell why the oil in the lamp seemed endless.

When Fang Jie was about to get up and take a leak, voices suddenly sounded outside the iron door.

From this alone, he couldn’t be sure that it was daytime. There were always people monitoring him, and some bored people might come and visit him at any time, pushing open the iron door and chatting with him for a few minutes. For example, that single-armed man seemed to enjoy coming here from time to time to see how disheveled Fang Jie looked.

Fang Jie quickly got up from his stone bed and rushed to a corner with his chamber pot.

The iron door opened, and the person was surprised to see Fang Jie pulling up his pants. This person’s expression turned gloomy.

This person was someone Fang Jie had never seen before. This person was young and was wearing a fancy robe that was light-grey and close to moon-white. A jade pendant could be seen hanging on the belt, and the red tassel of the jade pendant was eye-catching. This person got a great figure and wasn’t tall, reaching the bottom of Fang Jie’s ears.

This young man was pale. It wasn’t pale because he had makeup on or because he was sick; it was the healthy kind of pale and had the glamor of white jade. His brows were thin, and his eyes were big and proud. His chin was a little bit pointy for a man, but it wasn’t strange.

This handsome young man would be eye-catching even if he was in a crowd of people.

However, Fang Jie could instantly tell that this young man was in fact a girl in disguise. This girl was probably haughty and thought that she could fool all men by wearing male clothes.

An influential figure was following her, and he seemed extremely humble when standing behind this girl.

Therefore, Fang Jie was thinking to himself as he pulled up his pants, “What is this girl’s identity? Even the Intelligence Department Head is following her.”

“Disgusting,” this girl who was disguised as a young master raised her hand and covered her nose.

“It is very normal to eat food and drink water. It is also normal to relieve yourself. If you think this is disgusting, I don’t know what you find not disgusting. Also, your definition of disgusting is too shallow; you don’t know what is truly disgusting.” Fang Jie sat back onto his stone bed and started to rub his feet.

“Your Highness…” Hou Wenji called out and tried to calm down this girl whose expression turned ugly.

She was the person who went to Half Moon Mountain with Zhuo Buyi and others, and she got taken back to Chang’an by the Task Battalion that went with Phoenix-Chirp Daoist. If Fang Jie were there, he would instantly guess her identity.

This girl had a gloomy expression, and she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She came here due to pure curiosity. She wanted to know what the disciple of her seventh uncle, who cared for her the most, was like.

However, she was clearly disappointed after seeing Fang Jie. Although this young man was somewhat good looking, he was dirty and rubbing his feet now.

This looked disgusting in her eyes.

[TL Note: A small section of the chapter has need omitted since it is a joke that doesn’t translate well. Here is the link to the disgusting part. I don’t advise you to read it, but you can read it if you are that curious. Omitted Section.]

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    • Just to confirm, the joke is pretty gross and disgusting. If you still want to proceed, just reply to this comment, and I will make it happen.

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