Chapter 169: Life Is A Drama (Part One)

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This girl was disgusted by Fang Jie and quickly ran out of this room. She wasn’t even in the mood to look back at Fang Jie. She no longer tried to act like a man, and her feminine figure was revealed.

Fang Jie smiled as he looked at her and said, “Not many men in the world are like this, having their knees slightly bend inward when they run.”

Hou Wenji sat on the chair beside the bed and asked Fang Jie with curiosity, “Why are you doing this?”

Fang Jie replied with a smile, “Her dad disgusts me by locking me in prison for no reason. Why can’t I disgust his daughter?”

“How do you know her identity?” Hou Wenji asked.

Fang Jie replied, “Isn’t it easy to guess the identity of a girl who the Intelligence Department Head is following respectfully? She could only be from the Royal Clan. Almost all mature royal kings left Chang’an and went to their feudal land with their families, so it is easy to guess her real identity.”

Hou Wenji nodded and said, “You are right. However, you didn’t have to offend someone who could potentially save your life.”

“Really?” Fang Jie shook his head and said, “I can’t think of a reason for her to save me.”

“What if?” Hou Wenji asked.

“There is no what if.” Fang Jie shook his head and replied, “His Majesty isn’t someone who could be easily influenced by others. Perhaps His Majesty would change his mind on minor things to make important officials feel good, but he wouldn’t change his mind on important matters at all, especially his daughter. Regardless of how old kids grow, their parents will always think that they are immature.”

“You are being disrespectful toward His Majesty,” Hou Wenji said with a serious expression.

Fang Jie pursed his lips and said, “If I really want to be disrespectful, I would be standing by the door and cursing. Do you think it is comfortable living here? If someone heroic was wronged and imprisoned, I think this person would rather anger His Majesty and be executed compared to surviving in this dark and cold prison.”

Hou Wenji said, “Fortunately, you aren’t heroic.”

Fang Jie got a little loss for words.

Hou Wenji smiled and said, “Although we only met a few times, and it seems like your understanding of me is superficial, I can tell you that I know more about you than you can imagine. You will be surprised.”

Fang Jie opened his mouth and gasped.

Hou Wenji looked at him in confusion, and Fang Jie smiled and said, “I’m being shocked.”

“You are bored,” Hou Wenji said powerlessly.

Fang Jie shrugged and said, “Regardless of who is imprisoned here, they would be so bored by now. If there are ant mounds, I would have counted how many ants there are. You might be even more bored in my situation.”

Hou Wenji shook his head and said, “I would never be imprisoned here. This is the biggest difference between us.”

“Then, you are inferior; you would have one less type of life experience,” Fang Jie said earnestly.

“It seems like you aren’t worried at all?” Hou Wenji asked.

Fang Jie replied, “How can I not be? Since you said you know me well, you should know how afraid of death I am. You can think of my current actions as the exhibition of fake pride and dignity.”

“You want to live, but it doesn’t mean that you are afraid of death,” Hou Wenji said as he stared into Fang Jie’s eyes.

Fang Jie froze for a second. Then, he couldn’t help but sigh and say, “I’m starting to believe that you truly understand me. Even the people around me might not be able to say something like this. Therefore, I have to say that you scare me a little.”

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