Chapter 17: A Pair of Scissors (Part One)

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Mu Xiaoyao had a three-meter-long red silk ribbon, and Shang Guohen had a pair of gloves that were full of iron needles. One long one short, one soft one hard…

Fang Jie only had a saber, an ordinary saber forged by the military of Great Sui. Since Chen Qingshan gave up on teaching him how to cultivate when he was seven years old, Fang Jie knew that he had to rely on himself. There were way more than 100 million people in the world. Ordinary people would have three to five qi-points open out of the total of 128, and only those with more than 36 qi-points open could cultivate.

Fang Jie had no qi-point open when he was young.

This made him feel like a person couldn’t be too fortunate. He was reborn, and this fact alone still made him feel lucky, so he treasured his second life. If Heaven made him into a genius, then even Fang Jie would say that Heaven was favoring him, even though he would be delighted.

Perhaps Fang Jie could brag about the fact that he was probably the only person with zero qi-point open in the world.

Although Fang Jie didn’t know why he was being hunted, he knew that he had to treasure his second life. Even though he couldn’t cultivate, he had to learn some skills to protect himself.

If others learned that a young man who was 15 years old and only had one qi-point that opened recently defeated several elite soldiers of Great Sui, they would be shocked. A person with no qi-point open was a wastrel. Saying this person couldn’t even kill a chicken was a compliment. If this person could walk around, people would say that he was blessed in this situation.

This was why Mu Xiaoyao and Shang Guohen were surprised that Fang Jie, a wastrel, could get a tough physique.

They knew why Fang Jie’s qi-points were locked; the poisonous bug blocked his sea of qi, and it would be strange if any of the qi-points opened. However, the poisonous bug inside Fang Jie got shattered, but the remaining poison still blocked his qi-points. Who knew if he could shock the world after the poison was excreted from his body?

Fang Jie was already tough with no qi-point open; what would happen if some opened?

When Fang Jie charged toward the gate, two figures suddenly appeared before him as if they teleported.

Mu One who was half a step ahead of Mu Two looked at Fang Jie in disdain as the latter unleashed his most powerful strike. Although this strike was fast to ordinary people, it was as slow as the movement of a snail in Mu One’s eyes.

Mu One raised his left hand. Although it seemed slow, his hand blocked the saber, and his finger knocked it.

Tink! The saber that Fang Jie held tightly flew out. It spun in the air and chopped into a hard green brick in the city wall about seven meters away, and the blade was a little chipped.

A wound instantly appeared on Fang Jie’s hand, and he smashed onto the ground before blood could gush out.

“Ant,” Mu One said coldly as he stepped forward. This seemingly simple step covered three meters, and he was already beside Fang Jie.

“Although I don’t know why two level 5 masters are protecting a wastrel like you, I’m not interested in a dead man.”

Mu One raised his leg and stepped onto Fang Jie’s chest.

“Kill and complete the mission… it is this simple.”

Mu One smiled, but no pride could be seen on his face. From his perspective, killing Fang Jie who couldn’t cultivate wasn’t something to be proud of. A child might feel something when killing an ant, but an adult wouldn’t feel anything.

Just as Mu One was about to exert force, a red silk ribbon pierced at his back as fast as lightning. The soft ribbon was as hard as steel at this moment. If Mu One didn’t dodge, perhaps this ribbon would stab into his body.

However, Mu One didn’t dodge. He turned around and grabbed onto the red silk ribbon. With a flick of his wrist, the red silk ribbon was tightened, and sweat appeared on Mu Xiaoyao’s forehead. She couldn’t move the ribbon; it felt like it coiled around a mountain.

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