Chapter 170: The Li Family (Part Three)

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This was a clear signal, so many officials guessed that this young man could soar into the sky again.

When it was clear that Great Sui was going to wage war against Mongo-Yuan, people finally understood why Li Xiaozong wasn’t executed.

Li Xiaozong had been in Fangu for several years, and no one knew the terrain around Fangu more than him. Also, he was calculative; he inspected Wolf Breast Mountain Range several times as the soldiers wiped out the bandits. He knew that a ton of preparation was required for someone to be successful.

He wasn’t sure if Great Sui would wage war against Mongo-Yuan, but he knew that he must be prepared in this area.

Why would the Emperor not use someone like him? He would be promoted again once the war began, and perhaps he would receive many counts of military merit after this war.

The Emperor might have planned to use him in this big war when he appointed Li Xiaozong as the guarding general of Fangu.

It was quite possible since Li Xiaozong always ranked fourth when he was in the Martial Arts Academy. The top three students in his class were sent into the 16 Guards to lead battle soldiers, and Li Xiaozong was sent to Fangu.

The three more talented students were sent to familiarize themselves with the military, and Li Xiaozong was sent to familiarize himself with the northwest. He would be quite important.

Great General Li Yuanshan was also punished. He was a rank 3 great general, but he was demoted to a rank 5 position. However, he was still in control of Right Valiant Guard, which went against the rules of Great Sui.

There were dozens of first-tier rank 5 generals in Right Valiant Guard, so Li Yuanshan was in an awkward position. As the chief commander, he had to salute the dozens of generals under his command every day since his official position was lower. The surprising thing was that he tightly followed this rule; he never went against it.

Of course, people would report this to the Emperor who was back at Chang’an.

Li Yuanshan was also used to living in the central tent of the encampment, but he had to ride his horse back to his residence in the nearest city after finishing his work for the day, living with his wife and kids. He was no longer treated as a great general, and he no longer had access to the top-tier western liquor that was only provided to great generals.

Of course, people would report this to the Emperor as well.

In his study, Li Yuanshan was wearing cotton clothes instead of fancy clothes made of silk; he always thought that cotton clothes were more comfortable.

After flipping through the report from the government, he looked toward a young man standing on the side quietly.

“How many days have it been since the King of Xu State got here?” he asked.

This young man was Li Xiaozong. He wasn’t an official anymore, but he was acting as Li Yuanshan’s advisor now. Although this could be considered against the rules, no one would want to offend a great general, who was about to get his position reinstated, for such a trivial matter?

“Exactly ten days,” Li Xiaozong replied.

“Anything strange?”

Li Xiaozong thought for a moment and said, “A day before yesterday, he asked about Wu Peisheng’s death; it seemed unintentional.”

“Just let him ask,” Li Yuanshan said as he shook his head, “Who could prove that you killed Wu Peisheng? That old eunuch… he knew that he couldn’t touch many things, but he still poked his head in. He was only a visitor, but he ended up dying here due to his curiosity. The King of Xu State is much smarter; he knows what is important. The Emperor wants to conquer Mongo-Yuan; anyone who destroys his plan would be doomed.”

Then, he said to Li Xiaozong, “Get prepared; perhaps the edict reinstating your position will be here soon.”

“Thank you, Uncle!” Li Xiaozong bowed and said in a sincere tone.

“You should thank your fate. You would have died long ago if you weren’t born into the Li Family. Not everyone could touch a member of the Li Family!” Li Yuanshan’s smile seemed proud.

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