Chapter 171: I’m a Buddha’s Son? (Part One)

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Luo Weiran felt like the Emperor was different today. After chatting with Su Buwei, the Emperor asked him to summon Luo Weiran.

Then, the Emperor fell silent again as he stared at the lotus pond. This was rare to see, so Luo Weiran was surprised.

He bowed from afar and said, “Your Majesty.”

The Emperor turned around and looked at Luo Weiran before pointing at a stone stool not far away. “Sit down and talk with me.”

Luo Weiran walked over and sat down with a bent back. It wasn’t polite to sit in front of the Emperor. Although the Emperor asked him to sit down, others would report him for being reckless and rude if he sat down like he was talking to a friend.

Su Buwei was still about 1.5 meters away from the Emperor.

When Luo Weiran got here, Su Buwei already told him that the Emperor wanted to further investigate Wu Peisheng’s death, so Luo Weiran was prepared.

However, it seemed like what Luo Weiran prepared wouldn’t be used.

The Emperor asked about Fang Jie first. “How is Fang Jie doing in prison?”

Luo Weiran replied in a hurry, “He angered the princess and Hou Wenji.”

“Wan’Ting told me about it, and Hou Wenji reported to me as well. He said that Fang Jie was being disrespectful toward me and angered Wan’Ting. Is he living too comfortably in prison? I heard that he gets whatever he wants, and he even got the items for writing poems. It seems like he is on a vacation!”

[TL Note: Wan’Ting is the name of the princess.]

Although the Emperor sounded harsh, Luo Weiran knew that the Emperor wasn’t angry. He had been around the Emperor for about 11 years, and he knew the Emperor more than most officials.

He heard that the princess almost puked because of Fang Jie and Fang Jie said that the Emperor wasn’t human. There was no reason for Hou Wenji to hide this from Luo Weiran, and not much could be hidden from him in the Royal Guard.

“He should be punished,” Luo Weiran said with his head lowered, “But… Your Majesty said that we can’t interrogate and torture him.”

“Really?” The Emperor froze for a second before saying angrily, “But I can’t let him do whatever he wants! Let him go hungry for two days and see if he still has the energy to cause trouble!”

“As you wish!”

“But…” the Emperor changed his tone and said, “I feel like he isn’t hiding anything. Both you and Hou Wenji monitor him daily, and you all say that it seems like he is giving up on life, genuinely being a little angry and crazy. It would be hard to act this way.”

He continued after a pause, “I met Du Hongxian a few days ago, and she said that Fang Jie is Seventh Brother’s disciple; I don’t think she would lie. Now, we only need to confirm if Fang Jie is connected with the Buddhist Sect. There needs to be a detailed investigation! If I’m going to turn him into a miracle, I can’t let others call me an idiot in the future! If he is connected with the Buddhist Sect, I would be a laughingstock! Of course, if he isn’t connected with the Buddhist Sect, I will restore everything. He will still be the rare genius and no.1 student in the Martial Arts Academy.”

“I got it.” Luo Weiran nodded and said, “However, I’m Royal King Zhong’s junior brother, so there might be a conflict of interest. I think Hou Wenji should handle this.”

“Hou Wenji is busy with other things. You can handle this.” The Emperor waved his hand and asked after a moment of silence, “Tell me what happened when Seventh Brother found you about 11 years ago.”

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