Chapter 171: I’m a Buddha’s Son? (Part Two)

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“Yes,” Luo Weiran said, “I was still cultivating with my master back then, and Royal King Zhong was my second senior brother. However, I didn’t know his identity back then; none of us could imagine that Second Senior Brother has such a noble background. He was rarely on the mountain, but his cultivation strength was the highest among us. He is a true genius; he got more from a day of cultivation than what I could obtain in a year.”

Luo Weiran continued, “I remember that I was practicing Ten-Step Strike, and Royal King Zhong came back to the sect and met with me. He told me not to ask any questions and instantly travel to Chang’an. He also gave me a letter and told me to give it to Your Majesty. We all admired Second Senior Brother, so I instantly came to Chang’an after he asked me. I have never left since then.”

The Emperor nodded and said, “My father arranged everything for Seventh Brother, and I didn’t even know back then. You four brothers are all great assistants. Spiritual Master Xiao is already the leader of Daoism, managing the martial arts circle for me. You worked in the Royal Guard for 11 years diligently. Even Xiang Qingniu… he will be leading the Daoist Sect when Spiritual Master Xiao gets old.”

Then, the Emperor added, “Spiritual Master Xiao has four disciples, but they wouldn’t leave the Daoist Sect. You don’t have a disciple, and Qingniu is in the same situation. If Fang Jie is truly Seventh Brother’s disciple, he would be the only disciple among you four brothers who will be in the government. I never wanted to kill him; I want him to thrive.”

“I understand Your Majesty’s will.”

“Also investigate Wu Peisheng’s death.” The Emperor suddenly changed the topic, so fast that Luo Weiran didn’t follow right away.

“Huh?” Luo Weiran quickly nodded and said, “As you wish.”

“Su Buwei said Wu Peisheng talked with him in private before leaving for the northwest. Wu Peisheng said that he probably wouldn’t return alive. Although he had many faults, he had been loyal to me and did everything diligently. Perhaps he discovered some shady stuff in the northwest and died because of it. Don’t make noises, and don’t mention this to anyone. Only send your henchmen to investigate, and don’t alert the military; you got it?”


“Although I don’t want the northwest to be turbulent before the big military operation, I won’t allow others to fool me!”

“Got it!”

“Also… ask Qiu Yu to visit Fang Jie in prison; his study progress can’t lag behind.”

“Eh… should he still be starved for two days?” Luo Weiran asked attentively.

The Emperor stood up and said with his chest raised, “Of course! I’m already kind to him by not killing him after he bullied my daughter! If he is still feisty after going hungry for two days, starve him for three days or five days! As long as he won’t die!”

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The door opened, but Fang Jie was too lazy to turn around and see who it was.

It was Zhuo Buyi, and he smiled bitterly when he saw Fang Jie acting like this.

After sitting down on the chair, Zhuo Buyi was silent for a long time. He looked at Fang Jie from the back as an apologetic expression appeared on his face.

“You aren’t someone comfortable showing your back to others,” Zhuo Buyi said after a while.

Fang Jie’s body shivered a little, and Zhuo Buyi heard his sneer.

Zhuo Buyi knew that Fang Jie was angry, and he didn’t know how to continue the conversation. What happened on Half Moon Mountain was a huge blow to Fang Jie.

“Are people’s lives cheaper than that of animals in your eyes?” Fang Jie asked as he sat up and stared into Zhuo Buyi’s eyes.

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