Chapter 172: The Imminent War (Part One)

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Fang Jie thought that if what Zhou Buyi said about Buddha’s Sons was real, then he should be locked here. The Emperor would never allow someone who was connected to the Buddhist Sect and potentially a successor of the Great Wheel Wisdom King into the government of Great Sui.

If that happened, the Emperor would be laughed at for hundreds of years.

Seeing Fang Jie’s complex expression, Zhuo Buyi knew that this young man was greatly shocked. However, he also felt reassured after seeing Fang Jie’s reaction. He didn’t believe that Fang Jie was a member of the Buddhist Sect. After all, that young monk really tried to kill Fang Jie.

Although Chenya’s status was high in the Buddhist Sect, he wasn’t qualified to challenge a Buddha’s Son.

How could the Buddhist Sect allow him to kill a Buddha’s Son?

“Your situation is much better now,” Zhuo Buyi said with a smile, “His Majesty met with Du Hongxian a few days ago; she is the village woman who saved your life from Wisdom that day. I don’t know if she lied, but she told His Majesty that you are Royal King Zhong’s disciple. This is good news for you; perhaps you won’t be here for long. You should treasure this experience. I sat in prison for a long time and reached my current cultivation level.”

After a long while, Fang Jie sighed and asked, “How long did it take you to calm down in prison?”

“Half a year,” Zhuo Buyi said, “However, no one tried to guide me back then, so using half a year to calm down wasn’t a waste of time.”

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “I would either become an idiot or a maniac after staying here for half a year. We are different; I can’t bear this loneliness.”

“As long as one doesn’t die, there is nothing that one couldn’t bear.” Zhuo Buyi got up and said, “I need to leave now. Before I leave, I need to tell you one thing. Your friends are still in Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence. I’m glad that someone stopped your idiotic actions. If Da Quan and others escaped, only two things would have happened. One, they would be corpses by now. Two, you would have been instantly executed.”

While walking toward the door, he added, “What you did was meaningless; it made you look naïve and foolish. It is fortunate that Da Quan and others didn’t become dumb like you. Don’t ever underestimate your opponents. Mu Xiaoyao was sent on a mission the second day that you got locked up; guess what would happen to Mu Xiaoyao if Da Quan and others fled?”

Zhuo Buyi stepped out of this room and didn’t turn his head, but he knew that Fang Jie’s clothes were soaked in sweat.

Fang Jie was terrified after thinking about what Zhuo Buyi said. He thought he was careful enough, but he was still a fool in others’ eyes. Fang Jie’s heart lurched when he realized that all his actions were monitored.

“I’m still too naïve,” Fang Jie thought to himself as he sat on the stone bed. He felt like he was truly foolish and oversimplified many things. If he wanted to survive and live well, he needed to mature in many areas. The biggest difference between this world and Earth was how cruel this world was; a small mistake might destroy his entire life.

He made a decision after thinking for a long time.

He got up and started to train. He hadn’t trained in a long time, but he practiced his fist techniques and saber techniques with both his left hand and right hand. He also tried a breathing exercise even though he still couldn’t sense his sea of qi. He didn’t let himself remain idle at all the entire day.

Fang Jie’s body grew a bit bigger like an inflated balloon after training, and he felt a little sore. However, he felt great after sweating a ton.

When he stopped, he walked to the door and shouted at the royal guards outside, “I want to take a bath! I want to eat! Also, get Professor Qiu Yu for me!”

He sounded desperate and manic.

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