Chapter 173: An Issue with Position (Part One)

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Although Great Sui was gathering soldiers in the northwest, it was still peaceful in the Martial Arts Academy.

The students went to class every day and learned different things.

The lectures were all interesting. Perhaps the professors lectured differently, and they understood things to their cores. They opened doors for these students using their experiences in life.

Many professors were advisors to great generals, and they participated in many wars. They were hired as professors when they became old, and they taught these students using cases as they described those huge wars.

When the stories were told by the people who experienced the war first-hand, the students heard way more things. The stories were more detailed and more real, and the students got a better understanding of the essence of war.

Hearing the professors describe those bloody scenes, some students were so drawn into the stories that their face paled. People in this generation never experienced war yet. If no one explained war to them in detail, they wouldn’t have a complete picture. Aside from courage, honor, and passion, there were also death, sadness, and failure.

Some people would occasionally remember that the young man named Fang Jie hadn’t appeared in the classroom for a long time.

People’s lives centered around themselves, so Fang Jie’s effect on their lives was minuscule after he disappeared even though he was once the center of jealousy and envy.

When he first disappeared, people wondered what he was doing.

As time passed, people gradually got used to him not being there and focused on themselves. However, people were still competitive, and they sometimes wondered what treatment this young man was getting in the back mountain of the academy. Was he being taught by great professors and cultivators individually?

However, this wasn’t the main tune of these students’ lives. They knew that a war was about to begin, and many of them hoped that this war wouldn’t finish soon. They wanted to experience this war and didn’t want the generals to garnish all the military merit.

No one doubted that Great Sui would have a glorious victory, just like all the famous wars in history. In the minds of all members of Great Sui, each war led to a new height for the nation. Their enemies couldn’t do anything else other than shaking when facing the military of Great Sui, even if the enemy was Mongo-Yuan that was known as the most powerful empire in the world.

“Even though Mongo-Yuan has millions of elite cavalrymen, Great Sui’s battle arrays are invincible! The Shang Empire was known to have millions of soldiers, but it was crushed by Great Sui!” people of Great Sui thought to themselves, “Honor only belongs to the soldiers of Great Sui.”

When walking out of the classroom, Ma Lilian and another female student held hands and chatted. It seemed like they were extremely close, and nothing could separate them.

However, before they climbed Half Moon Mountain, they were hostile toward each other and couldn’t stand each other. Although they were in the same class, they were like fire and water; they couldn’t co-exist. It was normal for them to call each other names behind each other’s back and mock each other when running into each other.

Now, they were extremely close, making others feel like all their memories were parts of a dream.

The other female student was named Niu Miao, and she was the only daughter of Grand Scholar Niu Huilun of Belvedere of Literary Profundity. She was haughty and well-known in Chang’an. She had no close female friends before and hung out with all kinds of young masters. She appeared in many parties and even went into pleasure quarters with young masters. Therefore, she had a nickname, Niu Huahua.

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