Chapter 173: An Issue with Position (Part Three)

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Qiu Yu stood there for two days and watched this young man gradually become weak and powerless.

“Go and lift the 150-kilogram stone weight.” Her cold commanding voice sounded merciless, and her white eyes never left Fang Jie’s body. It felt like she could see through Fang Jie’s skin and detect the changes in his muscles and organs.

Concentrating so much consumed a ton of spiritual energy and cultivation strength. Fang Jie was fatigued after two days; how could Qiu Yu not be tired as well? Sweat already soaked her clothes, and her wide robe was glued to her body.

“Men hate it when women say they are weak!” The stubborn young man glanced at Qiu Yu’s charming figure and licked his lips; unhidden desire could be seen in his eyes.

Although Qiu Yu wasn’t the prettiest, her figure was great. Since her loose robe was glued on her body, she looked alluring under the light.

Qiu Yu was too lazy to mind Fang Jie’s annoying stares. It seemed like she didn’t care about Fang Jie looking at her this way; perhaps a powerful woman like her already ignored the differences in genders.

Fang Jie took a deep breath and slowly stood up. Then, he staggered as he walked to the 150-kilogram stone weight. He bent his back and tried to lift this stone weight that he could have easily lifted when he wasn’t this fatigued. However, how could he do it when he had a hard time walking?

“It is clear that you can’t do it,” Qiu Yu said coldly, “With your current stamina, I can easily turn you into pieces, let alone Luo Yao. What is there to be proud of about your physique?”

After a moment of silence, the young man suddenly roared and lifted the stone weight.

“The provocation from women is the strongest motivating force for men,” Fang Jie sighed and slowly raised the stone weight above his chest. Since he was giving it his all, his expression looked vicious, and all his muscles were tensed up as he almost bit through his lips.

Just as it seemed like he couldn’t raise the stone weight higher by another inch, a trace of red light flashed in his eyes.

“Up!” The young man roared and slowly raised the stone weight above his head.

He turned around and looked at Qiu Yu while saying proudly, “Beauty, what do you think now?”

Qiu Yu smiled, but it felt like she was smiling out of disdain.

At this moment, Fang Jie who depleted all his energy couldn’t hold up anymore. His arms gave out, and the 150-kilogram stone weight fell and smashed toward his head.

Fang Jie had no strength to dodge. He tried his best to tilt his head, but the movement was so small that it was meaningless.

It wouldn’t take a second for the stone weight to fall on his head.

Then, the stone weight smashed into a wall and shattered into pieces.

Qiu Yu who wasn’t far away appeared beside Fang Jie. While she sent the stone weight flying with one hand, she held onto Fang Jie with another, preventing him from falling.

She slightly bent her back and looked at the young man who was about to faint, and this young man barely stood while holding onto her arm.

“Wait,” Fang Jie said as he panted.

“Huh?” Qiu Yu asked, “What is wrong?”

Fang Jie smiled dirtily and squinted his eyes before looking at Qiu Yu and saying earnestly, “The position is wrong. You should be lying in my powerful arms.”


Qiu Yu let go, and this young man smashed onto the ground and hissed in pain.

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