Chapter 174: 128 Qi-Points (Part Two)

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Ning Yan nodded and said, “Don’t think that you are smarter than everyone. Do you know how many elite generals went on that expedition? They were all more experienced than you. Luokou Storage was the biggest food storage of Shang, and it could feed one million soldiers for 30 years! If this storage were sieged, great chaos would have appeared in the Shang Empire. However, the great generals involved all agreed on not attacking Luokou Storage; they saw through the scheme.”

“Luokou Storage was built on Xingluo Mountain, and Zhen River is at the foot of the mountain. This river is the waterway that Shang used to transport food. You never saw the terrain around Xingluo Mountain; do you think that it isn’t hard to siege Luokou Storage? This storage was built on the south side of the mountain, and the north side of the mountain is steep. To siege this place, the soldiers of Great Sui would need to pass through Zhen River and travel to the southside of the mountain. At least two weeks would be needed.”

“Attacking the enemy’s food storage needs to be fast! About 15 days… even if there are no ambushes along the way, just the time required would have given the Shang Empire enough time to prepare. As long as 5,000 elite soldiers guarded the key locations, even 100,000 soldiers couldn’t siege the mountain. Since this was the biggest food storage in the Shang Empire, the soldiers guarding the mountain didn’t need to worry about running low on food. Even if they ate eight meals a day, it could last them more than 100 years.”

“The Shang Empire exposed this food storage on purpose, wanting Great Sui to attack it to drag out the war. If the army traveling through Ling-South was tied down at this place, Great General Luo Yao’s vanguard troop would be stranded. Even if Great General Luo Yao was powerful, his 40,000 soldiers would be wiped out if there were 100,000 enemies. This trap that the Shang Empire created was meant to wipe out Great Genera Luo’s Left Advance Guard.”

“If Left Advance Guard were wiped out, the Shang Empire’s morale would skyrocket, and they might not lose the war.”

After hearing Ning Yan’s explanation, Fang Jie replied earnestly, “I was too naïve.”

Ning Yan replied, “Remember, as a chief commander, it is never enough to look at the map alone. There are six categories of terrain; you need to inspect the terrain before making plans.”

“I will remember it,” Fang Jie replied.

Ning Yan nodded and said while looking at the map, “I only explained it to you once, yet you marked out all the correct paths. Not bad. I have a war journal that I wrote back then, and perhaps it will help you if you read it when you have time.”

“Thank you, Professor!” Fang Jie bowed and accepted the journal with both hands. The war that conquered Shang was the most recent war that Great Sui was involved in; there were too many things that Fang Jie could learn from it.

Fang Jie’s current life was tiring but fulfilling. The Martial Arts Academy would frequently send professors to teach him. For example, there was Professor Ning Yan and Mo Wanwu.

Fang Jie didn’t really hate Mo Wanwu. He knew that the death of those students was an accident. Crescent-Moon Pool was the biggest water source on Half Moon Mountain, and the path leading to it was quite steep. There were many places to hide, so Chenya and others were probably hiding there.

Even if Wisdom and Chenya didn’t hide there, Mo Wanwu entered the mountain with Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang first; they should attract those people’s attention.

Even though this was the case, Mo Wanwu couldn’t shift his portion of the blame.

Fang Jie didn’t swear nor shout; he was only silent. After sitting in the stone room for close to one hour, Mo Wanwu left after saying, “I owe them, but I can’t pay it right now. Remember the debt for them.”

Mo Wanwu looked desolate when he walked out of the room.

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