Chapter 174: 128 Qi-Points (Part Three)

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Fang Jie had to go through Qiu Yu’s demonic training program every day. Others would have collapsed for days if they trained at this intensity, but Fang Jie’s recovery speed was much faster. He could recover after sleeping.

In Qiu Yu’s words, she didn’t know how to make Fang Jie grow faster, but she did know a dumb but effective way.

The dumb yet effective way was to press Fang Jie and tap into his potential. His muscles were far stronger than those of ordinary people, and the only way to make his muscles stronger was to fatigue him every day.

As a pure warrior, he couldn’t sense the forces of nature. If he wanted to win battles against cultivators, he had to rely on his body.

After Fang Jie collapsed onto the ground, Qiu Yu pulled Fang Jie up and threw him onto his stone bed.

“I still can’t see through your body.” Qiu Yu sat down and said to Fang Jie seriously, “But compared to when you just got locked up, six more qi-points opened in your body. However, there is still no sea of qi. I don’t know the use of your qi-points. I discovered that your qi-points open faster the harder I train you. Perhaps you would have 36 opened qi-points soon. Ordinary people could start cultivating when they have 36 qi-points. Let’s wait and see; perhaps your sea of qi would pop up when you obtain 36 qi-points.”

Fang Jie panted on the bed and asked, “Professor, don’t you think that this is an irresponsible answer?”

Qiu Yu shrugged and replied, “I’m only giving you hope. You should know that without the sea of qi, there is no use even if you have 128 opened qi-points.”

“What if I have the sea of qi and also 128 opened qi-points?”

Qiu Yu thought for a moment and replied, “The benefit such people could obtain from one day of cultivation could be compared to ten days if not ten years of cultivation for others.”

“Damn it!” Fang Jie cursed, “So unfair!”

“Life isn’t fair,” Qiu Yu said calmly, “However, such people are extremely rare. I only saw one such person after I stayed in the Martial Arts Academy for so many years.”

“Who is it?” Fang Jie asked curiously.

“Why are you asking so many useless questions? It has nothing to do with you. Since these people exist, wastrels like you need to work harder. You are already behind others from the starting point; why aren’t you running faster to catch up?”

“I got it…” Fang Jie nodded and said, “Let’s go!”

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-In the largest daoist temple in Chang’an-

The beautiful woman sitting cross-legged on the round futon slowly opened her eyes, looking at the 20 lit candles on the desk three meters away.

Her eyes were bright as if she could talk through them, and perhaps her appearance could only be described with the word perfection.

Her daoist robe was grey, meaning that her status in the Daoist Sect wasn’t high. However, she was Spiritual Master Xiao’s fifth disciple, and her four senior brothers were all red-robed godly daoists.

Her name was Mo Ningzhi.

She was only a scapegoat, but fate was tricky. Fang Jie’s path wasn’t smooth after he left Fangu, but it seemed like she was favored by Heaven.

Countless people dreamed of becoming Spiritual Master Xiao’s disciple, and she did it.

As she slowly opened her eyes, the 20 lit candles went out almost at the same time. It seemed like she didn’t do anything, making this scene bizarre.

Then, Mo Ningzhi frowned, and the atmosphere in the room became chaotic. As if dozens of small yet sharp sabers spun in the room, the 20 candles were all chopped into pieces. It felt like they broke on their own.

Mo Ningzhi looked at a wall, and slight noises sounded as dozens of marks appeared on the wall.

Spiritual Master Xiao was in a pavilion hundreds of meters away from Mo Ningzhi’s room, and he looked in her direction as he sighed, “Out of countless disciples of the Daoist Sect, she is the first person to grasp the technique named Eye Blade. Having 128 opened qi-points sure is special.”

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