Chapter 175: The Talk with Ning Yan (Part One)

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Fang Jie put down the war journal in his hand and imagined the grand war between Sui and Shang.

Countless soldiers of Sui marched through rivers and rushed south, destroying the Shang Empire that had been around for hundreds of years.

Ning Yan’s journal was detailed. It recorded what happened at what time every day during that big war many years ago.

There were plenty of details about the battle where the military of Sui sieged Yong State City. Great General Luo Yao broke the city gate, and the soldiers rushed in like a flood.

The people of Shang already collapsed, and Shang’s soldiers didn’t have the morale to fight. Although some hot-blooded generals gathered soldiers and tried to put up a defense, how could they turn the situation around? The elite soldiers of Great Sui were like lethal sabers.

The war journal also documented the incident where Luo Yao killed a level 8 runemaster with a punch outside the Royal Palace of Shang, but there weren’t many details on that for some reason.

Fang Jie heaved a long sigh after he finished reading the journal.

“It seems like you are worried about something,” Ning Yan asked as he sat on the side.

Fang Jie nodded and replied, “I don’t want to hide anything from you. I know that the military of Great Sui has been victorious in more than 100 years, but I’m worried that troubles would arise in this west expedition. The military hasn’t been through a war in close to 20 years, and most of the soldiers are rookies since the veterans should have retired. Such a military doesn’t lack courage but experience. I don’t think that Great Sui will lose this war, but I’m afraid that the war wouldn’t go as smoothly as people think. Would the morale drop by a lot once sticky situations appear?” Fang Jie asked.

“The soldiers also hadn’t experienced war in close to ten years when Great Sui waged the war against Shang,” Ning Yan said calmly, “You were once a border soldier, so you should know the characteristics of Great Sui’s soldiers. Once they get onto the battlefield, they won’t be a group of people but a pack of wolves.”

Then, Ning Yan said as he took out a piece of paper from his pocket, “Look at this.”

Fang Jie received it with both hands and carefully read it. Although there weren’t many words, the weight of these words was insane. It was the 12 military disciplines that the Emperor established for this western expedition. Although they weren’t public, it wasn’t difficult for the professors of the Martial Arts Academy to obtain them ahead of time.

“People who desert the battle; execute.”

“People who don’t rescue peers; execute.”

“People who disobey commands; execute.”

“People who underestimate enemies and act recklessly; execute.”

There were 12 disciplines that would result in death if disobeyed. However, Fang Jie frowned after he read them, and he read them once more.

“Do you find something to be off?” Ning Yan asked.

“It seems like the 12 disciplines only focus on the battle; they don’t restrain soldiers on things that would occur as a part of the consequences. For example, robbing the enemies’ properties, taking the women of Mongo-Yuan, and burning down residences,” Fang Jie asked in surprise, “Would anything bad occur when there are no restrictions on this?”

Ning Yan smiled and asked, “Do you think His Majesty overlooked these things?”

Fang Jie shook his head and replied after a moment of silence, “No; His Majesty must know about this. Professor, I think I understand His Majesty’s intention. Although it has been relatively peaceful between Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan for more than 100 years, and His Majesty even sighed a trade treaty with Khagan Mong Ge of Mongo-Yuan, there is no friendship between the two nations. Once the war begins, both sides would attack each other like hungry wolves and not give the opponent the chance to breathe.”

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