Chapter 175: The Talk with Ning Yan (Part Three)

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The royal guards at the door called Fang Jie, so he snapped out of his train of thoughts and went over to the door to grab food.

Both Fang Jie and Ning Yan had meat to eat and liquor to drink.

“This isn’t a bad place.” Ning Yan didn’t disturb Fang Jie earlier because he knew that this young man needed time to digest everything.

Although this young man was locked in prison, he might be freed at any time since professors of the Martial Arts Academy were coming here to teach him.

It seemed like Fang Jie had no freedom, but he seemed free in prison.

“It is quiet here, and no one can disturb you. You can learn many things fast.” Ning Yan poured himself a cup of liquor and picked up a slice of stewed beef with his fingers before putting it in his mouth. “You have meat to eat and liquor to drink while no one can disturb you. I would want to experience this when I have the chance.”

Fang Jie smiled powerlessly and said, “It seems like you aren’t the only one who says that this is a luxury. Perhaps I’m not on that level yet, so I still feel like this is torture.”

“It has nothing to do with levels.” Ning Yan drank the liquor and said, “Cultivation has levels; there are no levels for us. Am I at a higher level after I say some profound statements and write beautiful articles? It is all pretentious. Everyone could think and be inspired at different moments. Is everyone on the same level? If I find a remote place to live and write poems, am I at a higher level?”

Ning Yan added, “It only has to do with your attitude.”

Fang Jie froze for a second and nodded.

“The walls of this prison are tough. This is still a prison even if the torture devices are replaced with books. Since the prison won’t change, you must change yourself. When needed, you must be low-key and act like a little b*tch. When you can, you should straighten your back and act like a hero. Ambitious figures need to be able to do anything.”

“Great Sui doesn’t need overly ambitious figures,” Fang Jie said.

“Great Sui doesn’t need these figures, but it needs people with a similar attitude,” Ning Yan said, “Which influential figure isn’t ambitious?”

“Professor, others would say that you are being disrespectful to His Majesty if they overhear this,” Fang Jie said.

“Why does this count? Please, since my background isn’t clean, I don’t mind adding to it. Also, His Majesty knows me well. People who are straightforward probably aren’t rebels, and people who seem docile and flatter the Emperor might not be loyal. Since you will enter the military if you can get out of here, I have to tell you something that chief commanders all need to know.”

Ning Yan added, “You don’t need to care about the methods used as long as you obtain the victory. Although these days might seem sad, how could you handle a war if you can’t even endure this? If you can’t handle a war, how are you qualified to discuss victory and defeat?”

“If there is a classroom in your mind, then this isn’t a prison. If there is a prison in your mind, then everywhere you go is a prison. Although you are forcing yourself to learn right now, you aren’t learning with an open mind. What you can get out of this will be drastically different under these two mentalities.”

Fang Jie murmured, “Attitude… I got it.”

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