Chapter 176: It Is Here (Part One)

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Fang Jie already lost track of how many days he stayed in the secret prison of the Royal Guard. It was tough to grasp onto the flow of time when being inside a room that had no outside lighting.

Fortunately, after Zhou Buyi left, Fang Jie was no longer lonely.

Qiu Yu would come here every day. Perhaps she felt bad for this young man, or perhaps she was interested in his body, but Fang Jie had to respect this woman.

Professor Ning Yan told him that when he was imprisoned, Qiu Yu smashed Principal Zhuo’s desk and destroyed his room.

Only people with great courage could do this. Fang Jie was sure that not many people in the Martial Arts Academy dared to do this; perhaps Qiu Yu was the only person.

Fang Jie would feel thankful if Qiu Yu only came to visit him, let alone that she destroyed Principal Zhou’s room.

Fang Jie had asked Qiu Yu how it felt after she destroyed Principal Zhou’s room. Qiu Yu froze for a second and replied without turning her head, “It was thrilling.”

Hearing this response, Fang Jie was sure that he couldn’t afford to offend this woman.

When Fang Jie had free time, he couldn’t help but think about how long he was going to be locked up.

He was locked up but not killed; it was torture for him. Fortunately, Professor Ning Yan’s words opened his mind, so he calmed down and could focus on reading and training in peace, even though he still couldn’t enjoy this.

He didn’t know that the Emperor already forgot about him for now.

The war in the northwest was about to be waged at any moment, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers from all over the nation were already transported to the northwest along with enough food, supplies, and equipment for millions of people.

Counting the soldiers who were stationed in the northwest to begin with, there were more than 700,000 soldiers in place. There was no need to hide anything.

At this moment, Fangu was becoming more important.

Since Chang’an was already in the winter, the chilliness of Fangu was unbearable. It felt like this place only had winter and no other seasons.

However, further west, the weather became much warmer in the Mongo-Yuan Empire. It was heard that it was always spring at the Golden Tent of Mongo-Yuan.

The territory on the other side of Wolf Breast Mountain Range belonged to Mandu Flag of Mongo-Yuan. This place wasn’t much different from Fangu, but it seemed like the wind was stronger here.

Mandu Latu, the Mandu Flag Master, was a warmonger; he always wanted to attack Great Sui. All the friction between the border soldiers of Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan was caused by Mandu Latu’s commands.

Nirvana City was the most eastern city of Mongo-Yuan, and there were 2,000 cavalrymen in this city. The general in command was a talented member of Mandu Flag, and his name was Mandu Lang.

[TL Note: In this context, Lang means wolf.]

Mandu Lang learned that hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Great Sui gathered in Mountain-East Circuit long ago. When he got this information, he sent someone to rush back to Cloud-Stage City, which was the capital city of Mandu Flag.

Mandu Flag was a relatively small flag in Mongo-Yuan, but it had thousands of square kilometers of territory. Mandu Latu was somewhat related to the Golden Family, and he could address himself as a noble because of this weak connection.

[TL Note: The Golden Tent is equal to the Royal Palace, and the Golden Family is equal to the Royal Family.]

The Golden Family controlling Mongo-Yuan had the last name of Ögedeimong, meaning winged-wolf, and the Khagan of Mongo-Yuan’s name was Ögedeimong Ge. The people of Great Sui were used to calling him Mong Ge.

The Golden Family had controlled this vast grassland for thousands of years. Since when the first Great Wheel Wisdom King crowned the Golden Family on Great Snow Mountain, dozens of generations had passed.

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