Chapter 176: It Is Here (Part Two)

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It was heard that the Ögedeimong Family rose in the far west of the grassland. Thousands of years ago, this grassland was controlled by dark demons, and the people living here had to sacrifice living beings and most of the sheep and cattle.

It was heard that the envoy of these demons reached the territory of the Ögedeimong Family one day, and the young chief named Ögedeimong Kuo killed that envoy with his curved saber, stood on Great Snow Mountain, and called for an uprising.

The people who were suppressed for countless years all followed Mong Kuo and finally defeated the demons after hundreds of battles.

With the help of the first Great Wheel Wisdom King of the Buddhist Sect, Mong Kuo killed the powerful demon king and created the giant Mongo-Yuan Empire.

Mongo represented the Ögedeimong Family, and Yuan meant a new beginning and an endless cycle. It was heard that this name was given by the first Great Wheel Wisdom King.

Of course, this was only a legend. Without a question, the Buddhist Sect was crucial in that war. Every khagan of Mongo-Yuan was a devoted member of the Buddhist Sect and a disciple of the Great Wheel Wisdom King. Although the khagans didn’t cultivate on Great Snow Mountain and were only in-name disciples, this title helped these khagans to control the grassland.

The Golden Family had absolute authority on the grassland, and anyone who dared to rebel would be punished severely.

Although Mongo-Yuan’s government didn’t have distinct ministries and agencies like those of Great Sui, it had a complete system after thousands of years.

The biggest difference between Mongo-Yuan and Great Sui was that Mongo-Yuan only worshipped strength. In their eyes, scholars were no different from clowns. They couldn’t understand why the emperors of Great Sui would allow weak scholars to control a big portion of the government.

In the eyes of Mongo-Yuan, only warriors deserved respect.

Mandu Latu was already more than 50 years old, and he hoped that he could battle the military of Great Sui to the death with the powerful cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan. He thought this day wouldn’t come in his lifetime, but it seemed like Heaven favored him; the war came unexpectedly.

When Mandu Lang reported to Mandu Latu, this man whose beard was all white fell silent. He was anxious since he didn’t know if he should be happy or angry.

For someone of his age, he knew that war was never a good thing.

The Mandu Flag was only aggressive toward Great Sui since it always had this attitude. However, Mandu Latu realized that he still wasn’t prepared for this war even though he had been aggressive for dozens of years.

He Dazhuang was a veteran soldier who joined the military seven years ago, and he was a member of Right Valiant Guard. When he just joined the military, he dreamed of stepping onto the land of other nations with his saber just like his father, killing enemies and earning military merit.

His father was also a soldier of Right Valiant Guard who participated in the war that conquered Shang.

He Dazhuang lived his childhood mostly in his father’s memories. He like the stories that his father told him, and he liked seeing how excited and passionate his father was when the latter drank liquor while telling those stories.

Although his father didn’t even become a corporal, who led five soldiers, after all those years of service, it didn’t stop his father from being proud.

When He Dazhuang was young, he loved swinging the wooden saber that his father made him, and he played with his peers in the village. The weak kids were forced to act as the soldiers of Shang, and the strong kids got to play the soldiers of Sui.

He Dazhuang was short when he was little, so he was bullied and always forced to play a soldier of Shang, falling under other kids’ sabers. Although he didn’t like the outcome, it didn’t stop him from liking the game.

He always felt like he would grow tall and burly one day. He would take the armor and saber that his father passed to him and become the protagonist on the battlefield, stomping many enemies.

He dreamed about this for many years until he became a soldier.

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