Chapter 176: It Is Here (Part Three)

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He still desired war two years before he joined the military, but it had all changed.

As he grew older and more mature, he found that he was a little afraid of war. He didn’t dare to mention this to people; he was afraid of ridicule. How could a soldier of Great Sui be afraid of war?

Now, He Dazhuang was tall and burly, and he wasn’t using a wooden saber anymore but a real saber.

He was proud of his father, and his father was proud of him as well.

His father was only a regular soldier, but He Dazhuang was already a sergeant after five years in the military and led 50 soldiers. His father couldn’t stop smiling upon thinking about this.

About a year ago, He Dazhuang was promoted to a lieutenant and led 100 soldiers.

However, he wasn’t happy about this promotion.

He still couldn’t sleep peacefully after that massacre about a year ago. He and many peers left the encampment and came to this place called Fangu, and they were ordered to charge into the city and kill everyone.

Their superior told them that these residents were all bribed by Mongo-Yuan and sold out the intelligence of Great Sui.

The angry soldiers charged in and killed every stranger, turning the sleeping residents into ghosts, including seniors, women, and children.

He Dazhuang also killed many people that night.

Anger blinded him, and blood stained his hands. When he finally stopped and calmed down, he felt a chill running up his spine.

“Were those residents really traitors?”

He Dazhuang wasn’t sure, and he didn’t dare to look further into it.

He heard that the soldiers of Fangu were all killed before they got there; those 800 border soldiers were crushed into mush by the heavy cavalrymen under Great General Li Yuanshan’s command.

That incident haunted him, and he had countless nightmares. He woke up from sleep countless nights soaked in sweat, and he couldn’t get the faces of those women and children out of his mind.

He started to drink a ton, and he became an alcoholic. However, it was getting harder and harder for him to get drunk.

He Dazhuang looked back at the soldiers following him, and he pressed down his hands, signaling the soldiers to lower their bodies. A total of 100 fully-equipped soldiers followed him, and two sergeants flanked him. They sneaked out of Fangu at night and hid on Wolf Breast Mountain Range.

Great Sui knew that Mongo-Yuan had many hidden monitoring stations on Wolf Breast Mountain Range, but nothing was done about it.

This showed the fear that Mongo-Yuan had toward Great Sui. They were scared that the military of Great Sui might sneak pass Wolf Breast Mountain Range, so they placed many scouts on the mountain range.

He Dazhuang’s mission was to wipe out all these scouts of Mongo-Yuan on the mountain range in one night.

He Dazhuang and his men silently killed at least 20 scouts of Mongo-Yuan during this night, and there was only one spot that they hadn’t reached when the sun was about to come up.

That monitoring station was on the tallest peak of Wolf Breast Mountain Range, and at least 30 soldiers of Mongo-Yuan were always there.

When he saw scouts of Mongo-Yuan in grey leather armor about 100 meters away, He Dazhuang rubbed his frowning brows and threw all random thoughts out of his mind.

“Split into two groups. One goes to the other side, preventing enemies from escaping. The other group charges with me!”

After issuing the command, He Dazhuang slowly raised his repeating crossbow and aimed at a scout of Mongo-Yuan who walked within 30 meters of him.

“Attack!” he roared, and several arrows shot out and killed that enemy. Then, he stood up, drew his saber, and shouted, “For Great Sui!”

“Forward!” the other soldiers shouted and rushed toward the last monitoring station of Mongo-Yuan on Wolf Breast Mountain Range.

The war was here.

[TL Note: I personally enjoy the author’s writing style. It may seem a little slow, but it is more immersive as the world seems fuller with many small yet interesting characters.]

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