Chapter 177: The Initial Battle (1) (Part One)

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The monitoring stations on Wolf Breast Mountain Range were all wiped out, and the military of Great Sui left Fangu and moved westward.

There was Fangu on the east of Wolf Breast Mountain Range and Nirvana City on the west for a simple reason. There was only one valley in the mountain range that allowed troops to pass by, so both nations build a city on each side.

Khagan Mong Ge of Mongo-Yuan and Emperor Yang Yi of Great Sui met at the widest section of the valley, and it was perfect for setting up an ambush. When the location of the meeting was set here, all officials of Great Sui tried to dissuade the Emperor, afraid that Mongo-Yuan would set up an ambush.

However, the Emperor only smiled and replied, “You guys are worried that Mongo-Yuan would set up an ambush, but the people of Mongo-Yuan are probably afraid of the same thing. Since both sides are worried, it should be the safest. I’m going to meet Mong Ge at this place; I will see if he has the courage to meet me here.”

Since the Emperor of Great Sui dared to go there, so did the Khagan of Mongo-Yuan. Although the high-level officials all tried to dissuade Mong Ge, he gave similar reasonings.

This was the second meeting between the rulers of Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan. The first meeting was between the First Emperor of Great Sui and the Khagan of Mongo-Yuan who ruled at the time. They signed a peace treaty and drew the border between the two nations.

Since the second meeting was also extremely important, no one wanted to lose face or appear rude. Although Mongo-Yuan didn’t have as many etiquettes compared to Great Sui, it had its own rituals since it had been around for thousands of years. They didn’t want to appear weak.

That day, both rulers arrived at the Green Valley with a few hundred followers.

The Emperor of Great Sui was flanked by Luo Weiran and Hou Wenji, and Great General Yu Manlou walked behind them with 80 elite soldiers. The civil officials were led by Huai Qiugong and two grand scholars.

On the side of Mongo-Yuan, Mong Ge was protected by 80 golden-tent warriors, and his younger brother Mong Lie held a sun umbrella for him. There were also two unnamed servants, a monk in a grey monk uniform and a red monk robe, and Mandu Latu of the Mandu Flag.

The two parties met for three days, and the two rulers toured Wolf Breast Mountain Range together friendly. All their subordinates were stunned.

These two rulers were quite similar. Mong Ge read many pieces of literature of Great Sui, and Yang Yi knew a lot about Mongo-Yuan. The two of them chatted about the past and the present, and they even fished by a lake.

If their subordinates didn’t stop them, they would have wanted to have a hunting competition.

Before this meeting, no one expected that this pair of nemesis would be so friendly; they didn’t even bicker at all as if they were old friends.

They signed the trade treaty in a peaceful atmosphere and decided on the location of the market. Then, they asked their subordinates to argue about the details.

The two of them toured the area and looked at ease.

However, after the two rulers returned, they all issued a similar command.

Heaven-Bless Emperor Yang Yi ordered Great General Li Yuanshan to move Right Valiant Guard 75 kilometers toward the west, and he also ordered the Governor-General of Mountain-East Circuit to increase the number of state soldiers in his circuit.

Khagan Mong Ge ordered Mandu Latu, the Mandu Flag Master, to always have 50,000 elite soldiers on command, and he also asked Mandu Latu to send the most talented general in the Mandu Flag to Nirvana City and guard the Green Valley.

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