Chapter 178: The Initial Battle (2) (Part One)

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The 5,000 elite soldiers of Right Valiant Guard stopped moving forward after they were about three kilometers to the west of the Green Valley. They put up a defensive formation and placed blockades around them. Archers moved forward in unison and stayed in a formation.

Those eight cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan bought time for their three peers to escape. Li Xiaozong only had 200 cavalrymen under his command, so they were precious. He didn’t order his cavalrymen to chase after those three enemies.

There was no way that this information could be hidden. If dozens of cavalrymen died in the chase, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Even if those three cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan were killed, the patrolling cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan would soon discover this army of Great Sui.

The 5,000 soldiers took a cone-shape formation; their mission was to guard this side of the Green Valley. This valley was crucial as it connected Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan; they couldn’t allow their enemies to regain control.

If Mandu Latu sent a ton of soldiers to guard this valley, it would be extremely tough for the military of Great Sui to breakthrough.

Cloud-Stage City, the capital city of Mandu Flag, was about 750 kilometers away from Wolf Breast Mountain Range. Even if Mandu Latu learned about this, it would take a while for the reinforcements to get here.

There were only 2,000 cavalrymen in Nirvana City. If Mandu Lang, the main general of this city, was smart, the only thing that he would do was to defend this city and wait for reinforcements.

Therefore, it seemed like Li Xiaozong’s task wasn’t heavy.

The elite soldiers of Right Valiant Guard quickly set up the formation. A total of 30 crossbow carts were placed in front of the archers.

The Military Workshop of Great Sui created these crossbow carts by placing heavy crossbows on carts. These heavy crossbows could easily shoot arrows for 600 meters.

When 300 meters away, the arrows could pierce through heavy armor.

When 200 meters away, the arrows could tear a cavalryman and his horse into pieces.

When 100 meters away, the arrows could jab through at least six bodies before stopping.

Heaven-Bless Emperor had been preparing for this war since he got on the throne. For more than ten years, the various workshops of Great Sui had been secretly making weapons and equipment for war.

These weapons and equipment were secretly transported by the Worldwide Trading Company and hidden in several palaces in the northwest.

When the Emperor decided to wage the war, the weapons and equipment in the storages were enough for one million soldiers.

According to the ordinary military structure of Great Sui, 50 soldiers were a section, and they were led by a sergeant. 100 soldiers were a troop, and they were led by a lieutenant. 300 soldiers were a squadron, and they were led by a captain. 1,200 soldiers were a battalion, and they were led by a major. 12,000 soldiers were a legion, and they were led by a colonel. 48,000 soldiers were a guard, and they were led by a great general.

Li Xiaozong was only a major, but he was authorized to command four battalions. The commanders of these four battalions were on the same rank as him, but they had to listen to him.

Major Pan Mei’s duty was supervising the soldiers and setting up proper defenses. This was his first time participating in a war, so he couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

After setting up the defense, he turned around and reported to Li Xiaozong. Since he was in the same age group as Li Xiaozong, he felt a little unwilling to address Li Xiaozong as his superior. However, the strict military laws of Great Sui made him have a certain level of respect for Li Xiaozong.

“General!” Pan Mei cupped his hands and said, “The archers are already in place. If Mandu Lang’s soldiers dare to come, they wouldn’t be able to get through the arrow formation!”

“Don’t be conceited.” Li Xiaozong shook his head and said, “You have never battled cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan before; you don’t know how fast their light cavalrymen are. Let me ask you this. According to your experience, how many arrows could an archer shoot out in the time it takes an infantryman to get close after entering the attack range?”

“A qualified archer could shoot at least eight arrows. Elite archers could even shoot ten!” Pan Mei wasn’t used to Li Xiaozong’s tone, but he still answered.

Li Xiaozong nodded and said, “Then, let me tell you this. If you are facing light cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan, even elite archers could only shoot four arrows. This doesn’t even consider the time that archers need to retreat behind the spearmen formation. In simple terms, even elite archers could only shoot three arrows before retreating.”

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