Chapter 178: The Initial Battle (2) (Part Two)

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Pam Mei’s expression changed, and he asked, “General, have you battled cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan before?”

“No.” Li Xiaozong shook his head and replied, “But I used ten years to get familiar with them. Before entering the Martial Arts Academy, I pretended to be the child of a merchant and snuck out of Great Sui, traveling on the edge of the grassland. Although I didn’t venture deep into the grassland, I saw the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan with my own eyes. When I was in Fangu for three years, I sent people to monitor the movements of the cavalrymen of Mandu Flag to get more information on the enemy. I lost 15 great scouts because of it.”

Then, he added, “Aside from the cavalrymen, the people of Mongo-Yuan are fierce as well. Boys dare to climb onto horses at the age of four, and they could ride horses well at the age of six. Even 12-year-old kids would have great horseback-riding and archery skills, and they could shoot moving rabbits from 30 meters away. Even the women of Mongo-Yuan are warriors once they climb onto horses and grab sabers.”

Pan Mei replied with displeasure, “General, how come you are boasting the enemy?”

“No,” Li Xiaozong said, “This is the basic understanding of the enemy. Since the military of Great Sui has never been defeated, we are proud of it, but pride isn’t equal to over-confidence.”

Major Zhao Sen saw that the atmosphere was a little awkward, so he quickly tried to ease the tension by saying, “General Li is only prepared. If Mandu Lang isn’t dumb, he would stay in Nirvana City and not attack us with his 2,000 cavalrymen.”

“Who knows?” Li Xiaozong sighed and asked after a moment of silence, “What if you guys are in his shoes? Even if the number of enemies is far greater than your men, would you go out and battle once they step into our territory?”

“Of course, I would!” Pan Mei said proudly, “General Li, do you really think that the people of Mongo-Yuan are as hot-blooded as us?”

Before he could finish, warning horns sounded.


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Pan Mei blushed and peeked at Li Xiaozong. He only heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that Li Xiaozong was focused on the enemies.

He looked down on the people of Mongo-Yuan and saw them as savages. He thought that these people wouldn’t dare to step out of Nirvana City, but he was dead wrong. Not only did Mandu Lang leave the city, but he also brought all 2,000 cavalrymen.

“They ditched Nirvana City?” Zhao Sen asked in confusion, “If they have this courage, why didn’t they station all these people at the western entrance of the Green Valley? If they did that, we would still be battling them in the valley.”

“Right. Why?” Pan Mei was confused as well.

“He wants to wipe us out,” Li Xiaozong said with a stern tone, “As I said, the people of Great Sui are proud, and so are the people of Mongo-Yuan. I know Mandu Lang well; he intentionally allowed us to pass through the valley. He wants to defeat us with his cavalrymen to increase the morale of Mongo-Yuan.”

“He is too conceited!” Pan Mei said with slight anger, “Mandu Lang! He is so arrogant! He really thinks that he can defeat 5,000 soldiers with only 2,000 cavalrymen?”

Li Xiaozong shook his head and said with worry, “Something is off. Send all 200 cavalrymen back! Let them patrol the area between us and the entrance of the valley! Report to me immediately once enemies are spotted!”

“General Li, are you worried that the people of Mongo-Yuan will cut us off?” Zhao Sen asked.

Li Xiaozong nodded and took a deep breath before saying, “This is the first battle, so we can’t lose face for Great Sui and His Majesty. We must protect the valley even if we only have one soldier left! Pan Mei, move back with one battalion and guard the entrance! We left about three kilometers of space for our main force, and this space is our biggest weakness.”

“General Li, you want me to back off before the battle begins?” Pan Mei said in displeasure, “This will lower the morale of our soldiers. I think that…”

“You don’t need to think about anything!” Li Xiaozong turned around and stared at Pan Mei while saying coldly, “Do you still remember the military laws of Great Sui? I’m the chief commander, and you can’t do anything but execute my orders!”

“I…” Pan Mei froze for a second before cupping his hands in anger. He replied, “I got it!”

Zhao Sen pulled him from the back and gave him a signal, telling him not to argue. Pan Mei stomped his feet and turned around to execute the order.

“He is young, so it is normal for him to be aggressive,” Zhao Sen said to Li Xiaozong with a smile, “General Li, please don’t mind it. It is crucial to be careful in this important battle.”

“The issue is that many people believe this war is going to be simple,” Li Xiaozong sighed.

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