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Conquer the World Chapter 178.3

Chapter 178: The Initial Battle (2) (Part Three)

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At this moment, a team of cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan separated from the main group and dashed toward the soldiers of Great Sui.

Li Xiaozong ordered the archers not to shoot, allowing these cavalrymen to approach.

Soon, the enemies stopped about 30 meters away, and the decurion in the led shouted using the language of Great Sui, “Which one of you is the chief commander? Mr. Mandu Lang wants to speak with you!”

“Reckless!” a lieutenant of Great Sui shouted, “If you don’t retreat, we will kill you right now!”

Li Xiaozong moved forward on his horse and signaled his soldiers not to attack. Then, he looked up at that cavalryman and replied, “I’m Major Li Xiaozong of Great Sui. Tell Mandu Lang to come out.”

Hearing this, this team of cavalrymen moved to two sides, and a cavalryman in metal armor slowly moved to the front.

Mongo-Yuan had great warhorses but lacked metal ores, so metal was precious. Only those high-ranking generals could wear metal armor. Even chiliarchs could only wear leather armor.

After this cavalryman moved to the front of the team, he cupped his hands and greeted Li Xiaozong using the gesture of Great Sui. He said, “I’m Mandu Lang, the general of Nirvana City. I have heard about General Li long ago, and I truly admire you.”

“General Mandu.” Li Xiaozong cupped his hands and returned the gesture.

“General Li, you suddenly barged into the territory of Mongo-Yuan. Shouldn’t you give me a reason?” Mandu Lang asked.

Li Xiaozong said loudly, “General Mandu, why are you asking me an obvious question? Your cavalrymen raided Fangu at night and killed thousands of people. We demand payback. If you are willing to kill 3,000 of your people to compensate us, we will retreat right now.”

“People say that the people of Great Sui are shameless, and it seems so.” Mandu Lang who had a big beard and a big body sneered, “Mongo-Yuan has kept the treaty that our khagan sighed with your emperor; not a single soldier of Mongo-Yuan crossed the border. Do you have any proof that we raided Fangu? You can quit the BS! If I say that your soldiers raided Nirvana City, can I cross the Green Valley and attack Fangu?”

“Of course,” Li Xiaozong said with a smile, “But I’m here first.”

“Even if you are going to wage a war, shouldn’t you send us a war letter first?” Mandu Lang said loudly, “Great Sui always says that it is a nation of etiquette. Do you only know shady tactics such as sneak attacks?”

“A war letter?” Li Xiaozong shook his head and replied, “I’m only here for the debt; why do I need to send you a war letter?”

Mandu Lang sneered, “Great Sui always says that there must be a reason for each war. Will the people of Great Sui agree to this war if there is no proper reason? You aren’t facing the weak Shang Empire but the powerful Mong-Yuan Empire! Your people wouldn’t agree with it if there isn’t a proper reason.”

“I already stated the reason,” Li Xiaozong said, “You killed 3,000 people in Fangu, and our emperor already announced it to the world. How do you think the people of Great Sui will react?”

Mandu Lang sighed, “So… the lie you told earlier wasn’t only for me; it was the lie that your emperor told to your people. You waged this war because of a lie; you will lose for sure.”

Li Xiaozong laughed and said, “You can’t guarantee the outcome with your mouth!”

After saying that, he turned to Zhao Shen and said, “Quickly send people to tell Pan Mei to protect the valley with his life! Mandu Lang is delaying time here for a reason!”

At this moment, shouts suddenly sounded in the direction of the valley, and the hearts of the soldiers of Great Sui shivered.

“Surprised?” Mandu Lang laughed, “It is heard that the people of Great Sui are cunning, but I think you are all ignorant fools! Your way back is already cut off! Surrender! Perhaps I will spare your lives.”

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  1. Conor O'Gara

    I really hope Mongo-Yuan wins or that Fang Jie defects and makes his own nation I respect both of them but I do not like Great Sui that much.

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