Chapter 179: The Initial Battle (3) (Part One)

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Hearing the shouts and seeing the dust from behind, Li Xiaozong’s heart lurched.

Since Mandu Lang came with all 2,000 cavalrymen, Li Xiaozong felt anxious. 

He and Mandu Lang had been opponents for three years, so he knew this man well.

When he noticed that something was off, he instantly ordered Pan Mei to move back with a battalion to guard the Green Valley. However, it was still too late.

A qualified commander could tell the number of enemies judging by the dust sent into the air. Without needing scouts to report back to him, Li Xiaozong could tell that Pan Mei’s battalion was probably surrounded.

Since Pan Mei was haughty, his battalion might not be in formation on the retreat. It was hard to tell if this battalion could survive the raid.

“Zhao Sen! Reinforce Pan Mei with your battalion! If you can save Pan Mei, then do so. If he is surrounded by too many enemies, tear through the enemies and make sure that the valley is protected!”

“General Li!” Zhao Sen said in a hurry, “If I bring a battalion, you will only have two battalions here. 2,400 infantrymen… Mandu Lang has 2,000 elite cavalrymen. I’m afraid…”

“You don’t have time to worry about me,” Li Xiaozong said coldly, “I’m the chief command, and you can only obey my orders! You should know that compared to securing the passage for the military, my life is insignificant.”

“Alright!” Seeing the determined expression on Li Xiaozong’s face, Zhao Sen knew that he couldn’t convince this young general. Although Li Xiaozong was extremely cautious, he still underestimated the enemies. According to the 12 military disciplines created by the Emperor, Li Xiaozong should be executed if someone reported him.

Zhao Sen didn’t know Li Xiaozong well; he only knew that this man was a member of Long-West Li Family and a nephew of Great General Li Yuanshan. This man was also praised by Principal Zhou of the Martial Arts Academy several times.

Of course, Zhao Sen also knew that Li Xiaozong was only reinstated not long ago, and this man was almost executed for what he did before.

Zhao Sen didn’t have too much respect for this young general, but admiration grew in his mind after he saw the determination on Li Xiaozong’s face.

“General Li, please take care of yourself!” Zhao Sen cupped his hands and turned around.

“Wait for a second!” Li Xiaozong ordered, “Blow the horn and gather those 200 cavalrymen. If Pan Mei can’t be saved, use these 200 cavalrymen to tear through the enemies.”

“We only have 200 cavalrymen! You should keep them!” Zhao Sen shouted.

“Yeah…” Li Xiaozong sighed, “We only have 200 cavalrymen; they are precious. Since they are precious, they must be used effectively. Go! You aren’t allowed to reinforce me regardless of how bad it gets! Even if I die here, you don’t need to come back for my corpse. The Green Valley… is your battlefield.”

“Got it!” Zhao Sen shouted as he rubbed his nose and walked away.

After another battalion moved away, the number of soldiers under Li Xiaozong’s command seemed too few.

Mandu Lang didn’t seem to be in a hurry; he only watched Li Xiaozong separate his men with interest.

“Talei!” Seeing a battalion of Great Sui moving away, Mandu Lang smiled and ordered, “Do you dare to tear this formation of Sui into two in the middle with 300 men?”

Talei was a muscular man, and he had a signature big beard and thick brows. When he talked, it sounded like bells were ringing.

“Why wouldn’t I? General, if you would reward me with a beauty from Northern Liao, I would dare to charge to Fangu with 300 cavalrymen!”

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