Chapter 179: The Initial Battle (3) (Part Two)

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“Haha!” Mandu Lang laughed and said, “If you capture Li Xiaozong alive, I will reward you two beauties from Northern Liao and a chilly horse from Northern Liao!”

“Thanks, General!” Talei chuckled as he looked down at the 2,400 elite infantrymen of Great Sui in front of him.

“Let’s go!” Talei roared and charged forward as he grabbed the giant spiked mace on his back. 300 cavalrymen roared and followed him. It seemed like 300 hungry wolves saw their prey.

The cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan were extremely fast as they were great riders. They could easily control wild horses without saddles and reins like how people lived by rivers could pilot boats.

The 300 cavalrymen formed a cone-shaped offensive formation with Talei in the lead.

This was the first time that the military of Mongo-Yuan officially battled the military of Great Sui in 100 years. Although the scale of this battle wasn’t huge, it was meaningful.

Both Mandu Lang and Li Xiaozong knew how important this battle was; the side that won this battle would have the advantage in this war.

If Mongo-Yuan wiped out these 5,000 soldiers of Great Sui that passed through the Green Valley, a huge hole would be put into the pride and honor of Great Sui.

“Invincible?” Mandu Lang sneered as he looked at the fluttering red battle flag of Great Sui, “I will break your fake invincible reputation!”

“Zhang Zhen, Cui Min! Come here!” Li Xiaozong ordered, “Protect the two sides and don’t move unless I issue an order. Even if the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan charge into the middle section of our formation, you aren’t allowed to help us without hearing the horn!”

“Got it!” These two majors nodded and returned to their positions.

“Archers!” Li Xiaozong moved to the front of the formation to direct the battle.

“Shoot the marking arrows!” After Li Xiaozong issued the command, the archers at the first row each pull out a special arrow from their quivers. These arrows were painted bright red, and they were thicker than ordinary arrows. The archers at the first row loaded the arrows onto their bows in unison, and these hundreds of people shot out the arrows at the same time at a high angle.

These hundreds of red arrows drew beautiful parabolas in the air before landing about 230 meters away, creating a red line on the ground.

These arrows were called marking arrows since they showed the archers their attack range.

When the 300 cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan crossed that red line with Talei, Li Xiaozong suddenly raised a command flag.

“First round. Raised shooting! Now!” 

More than 300 archers instantly raised their strong bows and loaded them with expensive armor-penetration arrows. These arrows could easily pierce through thin metal armor. Unless their enemies were wearing several layers of leather armor or expensive chain armor, they couldn’t stop these arrows.

The first round of arrows drew parabolas in the air before landing down onto the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan like hails.

The first round of attack had low accuracy since this attack covered a large area, and the arrows came down at an angle, making them hard to block.

This would cause great damage to infantrymen, but it was less effective against cavalrymen.

When the arrows fell, about 20 to 30 cavalrymen were shot down from their horses.

Talei swung his spiked mace and knocked away two arrows. The violence in his eyes intensified.

Although heavy weapons like the spiked mace weren’t suitable for knocking away arrows, Talei was strong and used it like a stick.

“Attack!” Talei roared, and the cavalrymen behind him roared as well.

“Huha!” This was the shout that the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan used when they charged; it was like when the soldiers of Great Sui shouted Forward!

“Second round. Flat shooting! Now!” Li Xiaozong issued another command, and the 300 plus archers lowered their bows a bit and shot out more arrows.

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