Chapter 18: Buy One Get One Free (Part One)

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If Fang Jie weren’t stepped on, and this situation weren’t this dire, he would want to reason with Du Hongxian. A pair of scissors could cut out beautiful clothes, paper arts, and many other things. However, it wasn’t supposed to cut off that thing between the legs.

“Quickly leave!” Fang Jie almost begged. Since he just puked blood, his throat was burning, and his voice was a little hoarse.

“Ouch, you are such a player. You learned to lie to women at such a young age? You changed your mind about marrying me? If you are a bit older, you would dare to lie in the Royal Palace. I hate players. I will cut your thing today for sure!”

Rather than walking away, Du Hongxian walked toward Fang Jie.

Mu One glared at her and cursed, “F*ck off!”

Mu Two waved his hand and said, “Big Brother, don’t shoo her away. Skinning this short and ugly man is boring. Although this woman looks plain, she is pretty. Her skin can be made into a beautiful palace lantern.”

“Don’t delay our main mission. Be quick!” Mu One sneered.

Mu Two laughed as he ditched Da Quan and walked to Du Hongxian. He said, “Don’t worry, my skill is famous in the Capital. It wouldn’t take long for me to get a sheet of intact human skin. I made all the lanterns in the corridors of the dungeon of the Court of Judicial Review; they are each prettier than the next.”
“Will it really be fast?” Du Hongxian stopped and asked timidly.

“I will!” Mu Two giggled as he took out a knife from his pocket. He swayed it and said, “This knife has skinned countless people, but it has only been used twice since I left the Capital this time. The knife is bored, and so am I. Although you are a bit older, you are still pretty, so my knife wouldn’t be disrespected.”

Bam! Mu Two disappeared.

Bam! It sounded like something smashed onto a hard object. Mu One turned around and saw Mu Two stuck inside the city wall!

Like a cannonball that was fired, Mu Two’s body created a huge dent in the city wall.

It was too fast! Even Mu One didn’t see who did it. Although he guessed that it was this woman who attacked, he didn’t even see it! He didn’t even see how she moved!

Only when Mu Two stuck into the wall did Mu One see that this woman was standing in Mu Two’s position.

“I hate it when others say that I’m old!” Du Hongxian murmured with a dark expression; she seemed angry.

Mu Two smashed into the city wall and shattered a few bricks. His body curled up like a cooked shrimp, and most of his body was stuck in the wall.

After the noise, a cloud of dust appeared, and Mu Two couldn’t help but cough and puke blood.

This strike was too hard, and many of Mu Two’s rib bones broke. However, he was a level 6 master, and he endured the pain and struggled to get out of the wall.

Bam! Du Hongxian appeared before Mu Two again!

A feet that was wearing a green floral embroidered cotton shoe stomped onto Mu Two’s chest, forcing him several more inches into the wall. Dust appeared again, and Mu Two was completely inside the wall.

This scene shocked many people. Fang Jie lay on his side, and his mouth opened wide as he looked at Du Hongxian. Da Quan’s eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets; he still couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Mu Xiaoyao stood there in shock and murmured, “How could she hide from my senses?”

As if she heard Mu Xiaoyao’s murmur, Du Hongxian fixed her hair and giggled, “People like you are rare in the world; you can detect others’ power levels. Unfortunately, your cultivation level is too low. It is easy to hide from your senses. To my knowledge, I’m not the only person who is capable of this.”

“There are others…”

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