Chapter 180: This Was War (Part One)

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Although close to 300 cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan charged into the central formation of Sui’s military, they got stuck and lost their advantage like a dragon that fell into a muddy pond.

Inside the spearmen formation of Sui’s military, these light cavalrymen lost their mobility.

When cavalrymen couldn’t dash around, they were no different from stationary targets that spearmen used to practice their thrust.

Talei was strong and brave, and his spiked mace was heavy. Since he charged into the formation, he had killed more than a dozen soldiers of Sui. With his strength, he could obtain a more eye-catching score in future battles, but he was easily killed by this formation of Sui’s military.

He died due to his arrogance; the powerful array wasn’t the main factor that led to his death.

This was the first battle between the two most powerful empires in the world in the last 100 years. The cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan had never encountered people who dared to battle them in the west. In other words, the people of Mongo-Yuan were more foreign to war compared to the people of Great Sui.

Everyone had to lower their heads when the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan were near. Although Talei had killed many people before, those were massacres and not battles. Since no one dared to oppose them, the soldiers of Mongo-Yuan became arrogant and proud.

In their eyes, Great Sui that didn’t have many warhorses was just like a weak tribe on the grassland. They thought that these soldiers of Sui would surrender once the cavalrymen charged toward them.

Talei looked at these soldiers of Sui as if they were his slaves, but these people weren’t like his slaves who were timid and weak.

Those elite cavalrymen couldn’t get more than ten meters into the formation of Sui’s military.

Mandu Lang frowned, and his expression became grim.

“The soldiers of Sui have this level of strength even without warhorses,” he sighed while shaking his head, “Fortunately, the brave Talei and his 300 cavalrymen used their lives to test the tactic of Sui’s military. Although Talei died, he should still be honored. Remember, when we return, sacrifice two women from Northern Liao and a chilly horse for Talei.”

One of his bodyguards nodded.

“The soldiers of Sui use long weapons. If our cavalrymen can’t fly over them like eagles, they will be tied down and couldn’t fight back.” After pondering for a while, Mandu Lang ordered, “Zhana, Teli, you two each lead 500 cavalrymen and attack Sui’s military from the two sides. Remember, don’t get into the formation. Just dash by them like wind and handle them with wolf fang arrows. Let them experience the archery of the warriors of Mandu Flag!”

“Huha!” Mandu Lang’s two subordinates took the order and moved out with 500 cavalrymen each.

Li Xiaozong looked at the enemies who were killed, and he appeared solemn.

It seemed like his men easily handled the first attack coming from Mongo-Yuan. Those 300 powerful cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan couldn’t get more than ten meters into the formation.

However, Li Xiaozong saw something else. He expected those 300 cavalrymen to die in the spearmen formation, but he didn’t expect to lose a similar number of soldiers! This went to show the combat strength of these cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan.

Even when trapped, those cavalrymen killed about the same number of enemies.

“Back away for 20 meters!” Li Xiaozong waved the command flag and issued the order.

As horns sounded, the 2,000 plus soldiers quickly moved back for 20 meters. This way, the corpses left after that small skirmish were in the front, and they could somewhat block the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan from charging forward.

As soon as the soldiers of Great Sui moved back, the cavalrymen of Mandu Flag attacked again. Two groups of cavalrymen attacked from the two sides.

“Archers, ready!” Li Xiaozong swung the command flag, and the archers who pulled back earlier moved forward. The soldiers on the two sides quickly changed the formation, turning from a square formation to a circular formation. Shieldmen and spearmen were ready. Once the archers backed off, they could quickly move forward and block the enemies.

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