Chapter 181: The First Loss (Part One)

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Zhao Sen rushed back to the Green Valley. Out of the 1,200 soldiers in his battalion and those 200 cavalrymen, only about 70 percent of them were still alive. Many infantrymen died, but the cavalrymen almost suffered no casualties since they didn’t battle the enemies.

When Zhao Sen ordered the soldiers to put up defenses around the entrance of the valley, the cavalrymen who weren’t doing anything now felt ashamed.

“Look,” a soldier organizing his quiver mocked, “The value of their equipment per person is high enough to buy out a pure girl in a pleasure quarter, but they were chilling when we were fighting to the death. We are all soldiers, but their lives are just way more valuable.”

A soldier beside him covered his mouth and signaled him to look at Zhao Shen who was walking over with a gloomy expression.

“What are we afraid of?” the soldier who mocked the cavalrymen shrugged and replied, “It would be a miracle if I’m still alive after this battle. Now, I need to say everything on my mind. Wouldn’t I be frustrated if my tongue gets cut off in Hell?”

Then, he looked at the wound on his right arm and frowned. He ripped a piece of cloth from his uniform and wrapped it around the wound while saying, “When we got out of the Green Valley, those on horses were in the front, looking dashing and heroic. When we pulled back, they are still in the front, not injured at all. If I can reincarnate, I would want to stay in Great Sui, but I would rather be a horse!”

Cavalry Captain Zhao Seven’s expression turned ugly. The mocking words of that soldier stabbed in his heart like a knife.

[TL Note: Just as another note, the names of people in ancient China sometimes were their rankings in their family or organization. Therefore, Zhao Seven might have gotten this name because he was the seventh child of his family.]

Just like any other cavalrymen of Great Sui, when he received his warhorse, Zhao Seven was filled with pride. Since there was a lack of warhorses in Great Sui, not every soldier could become a cavalryman. The cavalrymen of Great Sui were all strong and agile. Their clothes and food were better than those of infantrymen, and their pay doubled that of infantrymen.

However, they indeed put in more work compared to infantrymen. When the infantrymen were practicing, they were practicing. When the infantrymen rested, they were still practicing. Regardless of whether it was raining, snowing, or steaming, they kept on practicing with the dream of one day defeating the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan.

When they got onto the battlefield, they realized that they, the proud cavalrymen of Great Sui, became the most useless.

Zhao Seven didn’t hate this soldier for mocking him; he also didn’t hate his enemies the most.

With the spear in his shaking hand, there seemed to be a fire burning in Zhao Seven’s eyes.

“Captain!” A cavalryman couldn’t endure the mockery and asked Zhao Seven, “Are we just going to watch our brothers die? After practicing so much in rain and snow, are we only able to watch?”

“Shut up!” Zhao Seven bit his lips and said, “We are cavalrymen, but we are soldiers foremost. As soldiers, we must obey commands. General didn’t issue any order to us, so we need to be patient and wait!”


“No buts!” Zhao Seven looked at the people of Mong-Yuan who gradually scattered in afar and were rushing over. He knew that all the soldiers in Pan Mei’s battalion had died.

Earlier, he and his men were ready to charge in and rescue Pan Mei, but Major Zhao Sen stopped them.

They did watch their brothers die, and they felt useless.

There were 1,200 soldiers in Pan Mei’s battalion, and they died under the attack of tens of thousands of civilians of Mongo-Yuan.

They knew that their peers were hoping that they would go and rescue them, but their peers died in the end without seeing the red battle flag of Great Sui appearing behind their enemies.

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