Chapter 182: Out of The Cage (Part One)

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It was already winter, and all the gauze dresses were gone in Chang’an.

The first snowstorm finally hit, adding a layer of silver armor to the magnificent Chang’an.

The snow view was great in Tai Chi Palace, but not many people were qualified to stand here and create poems.

The grand scholars were qualified, but it wasn’t the right time to create poems.

The war in the northwest already began after the first battle. After the military of Great Sui got through the Green Valley at Wolf Breast Mountain Range, the war letter that several grand scholars drafted together was finally sent out. Mongo-Yuan would probably receive it in about two weeks.

The Emperor already drafted the Mongo-Yuan Expedition Letter a month ago, and it was sent around the nation.

Just as expected, the civilians didn’t resist the war. After they learned that close to 3,000 people in Fangu were killed by the soldiers of Mongo-Yuan, they couldn’t put out the anger in their minds.

Some ignorant people even blamed the Emperor for dragging this out for a year and not waging war right away. They thought that the war was as simple as a fight between neighbors, throwing punches at each other. They didn’t know how much preparation was required.

In the eyes of the civilians, this war was necessary. Since Mongo-Yuan killed 3,000 citizens of Great Sui, they had to kill 30,000 enemies.

Of course, everyone believed that Great Sui would win this war.

After a night of snow, there was close to 30-centimeter of snow on the ground. According to the laws, each family had to clean the snow in front of their residences. Then, the government would send out horse-drawn carriages to remove the piled snow.

The city gate opened not long ago, and civilians started to clean the snow. They would rather clean the snow in front of their residences first before cleaning the snow in their yards.

If their neighbors already cleaned their portion of the street, those who didn’t would be laughed at for being lazy.

The cozy atmosphere of the street was broken by a series of rapid clip-clop noises. A cavalryman dashed through the city gate and shouted, telling the civilians to move aside.

“Urgent military report!” This soldier clearly traveled all night; snow could still be seen on his body. The white horse already turned grey due to the mud, and it seemed extremely fatigued.

This soldier was from the northwest, and he was exhausted by now.

The civilians all moved aside and watched that soldier dash by them.

“It seems like this military report is extremely important,” someone guessed.

“It doesn’t look like a piece of good news. If it were, he would be shouting something else.”

“BS! How could our military lose? Besides, Great General Li Yuanshan’s Right Valiant Guard is in the northwest. When have you heard of the battle soldiers of Great Sui losing?”


As the civilians chatted, that dirty soldier and his dirty horse disappeared in their sight.

The Emperor already moved back to Tai Chi Palace from Smooth Spring Garden, and he was living in East Warmth Chamber. Heaven-Bless Emperor Yang Yi was the most diligent emperor in the history of Great Sui, and he had the least amount of lust. He rarely summoned imperial concubines, and even the pickiest official couldn’t say anything bad about him in this subject.

After the daily morning meeting in Tai Chi Palace, the Emperor quickly returned to East Warmth Chamber.

The messenger from the northwest was waiting outside, and he hadn’t had the chance to change out of his dirty clothes. He carried a package on his back, and it was covered in mud as well.

In the cold, he was holding onto a piece of oilpaper that wrapped several heated buns. Su Buwei got the food for him, and it seemed like he hadn’t eaten anything for a day. He devoured the food, ignoring how hot it was.

“Follow me inside.” The Emperor stopped beside the soldier and only continued to walk when the soldier finished the last bit. He stopped this soldier from greeting him and quickly entered East Warmth Chamber.

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