Chapter 183: Being Lost (Part One)

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After Fang Jie walked out of the door, he realized that he had been staying in Tai Chi Palace.

When he finally got out of prison, he could see the bright sun above the roof of Tai Chi Palace. He opened his arms and took a deep breath.

“What does it smell like?” Zhuo Buyi asked behind him.

Fang Jie turned around and replied with a smile, “I guess you must be waiting for me to say things like the smell of freedom. However, you will be disappointed. Except for the fact that the air here is fresher than the air in prison, nothing else is special.”

“How come your temperament didn’t change after being imprisoned for so long?” Zhuo Buyi shook his head and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going back to Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence first.” Fang Jie tidied up his clothes. The brand-new academy uniform seemed to be tailored for him, and his long and clean hair was casually tied behind his head. He looked like a handsome gongzi, and his long black hair added to his ethereal presence.

“You can go on your own. I will invite you to Beckon of the Red Sleeve tonight for liquor.” Zhou Buyi smiled and said, “However, I’m not sure if I’m able to get Ms. Xi to dance. You should know Ms. Xi’s personality. Last time, someone wanted to see her dance and was willing to pay 1,000 taels of gold, but she declined and said that no one could make her dance if she doesn’t want to. Not many people in Chang’an could cause trouble there.”

Fang Jie recalled what happened when Beckon of the Red Sleeve opened for business. Royal King Yi bowed and apologized in front of everyone. After that, no one dared to cause any trouble in Beckon of the Red Sleeve.

“Since you will be buying drinks for me, I will see if I’m able to ask her for a dance. If not, I should get Little Dot to dance for me,” Fang Jie said smugly and said farewell to Zhuo Buyi.

Principal Zhou and Qiu Yu already left a while ago.

Since the Lunar New Year was approaching, too many things were going on in the academy. Now, only Luo Weiran was standing beside Fang Jie.

This man didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end.

After Zhuo Buyi left, Fang Jie suddenly bowed toward Luo Weiran after a moment of silence and said, “Although I don’t even know what my connection to Royal King Zhong is, I should call you uncle-master. Thank you for caring for me all this time.”

Luo Weiran froze for a second and asked, “How do you know this?”

Fang Jie straightened his body and laughed, “You know that Xiang Qingniu’s mouth isn’t tight, so it isn’t hard to bribe him. Of course, I didn’t need to bribe him for anything.”

Luo Weiran smiled and replied, “Since you already know, I will accept your gesture. Since even Du Hongxian said that you are my second senior brother’s disciple, there shouldn’t be a mistake. After all, only she and Su Tugou know what happened in Fangu between you and him. However, you should keep it as a secret and not tell others.”

“I got it.” Fang Jie nodded and asked, “Where is Du Hongxian?”

“She has been resting and recovering in Royal King Zhong’s residence. She was injured on Half Moon Mountain, but she should have recovered by now. You can visit her.” After a pause, Luo Weiran said, “You should rest well. His Majesty wanted to see you, but an urgent military report came from the northwest. I don’t think His Majesty will have time to see you today. The latest will be tomorrow.”

“Can I not go?” Fang Jie asked.

“Take a guess,” Luo Weiran replied.

Fang Jie shook his head powerlessly and said, “Sending me away with a wave and summoning me with a beckon. Promoting me with a thought and imprisoning me with a word…”

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