Chapter 184: Across the Street (Part One)

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Fang Jie didn’t get much from what Chen Qingshan and Da Quan told him. He only understood that there was a sickeningly powerful man who found them individually and subdued them with insane strength, forcing them to join the team. The most direct way was to threaten them with their families.

Fang Jie never heard Da Quan say that he had a little brother and Mu Xiaoyao and Chen Qingshan say that they had families. Of course, Qi Lin never told him anything as well.

Fang Jie finally realized why that was.

Perhaps they weren’t sure if Fang Jie truly knew nothing about his own background. From their descriptions, Fang Jie could feel how terrifying and demonic that man was. Even when recalling it right now, they still sensed endless fear and anxiety.

In other words, they might not completely trust Fang Jie before as well.

If Fang Jie suddenly unlocked his memory and figured out everything, would he stand with that man or with Da Quan and others? There was a chance that Fang Jie might become their enemy.

They were protecting themselves by not telling Fang Jie about their backgrounds.

When thinking about this, Fang Jie felt a heartache.

He finally realized that he had been torturing so many people since he was born, and many families were indirectly destroyed by him. If Da Quan’s little brother and Chen Qingshan and Mu Xiaoyao’s families learned about this, how terrified would they be in the last 16 years? Perhaps they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Sitting in the horse-drawn carriage, Fang Jie fell into a long silence and didn’t ask any more questions on the way. He suddenly realized that every time he asked questions about his background, he was adding salt to Da Quan and others’ injuries.

“Why would such a powerful cultivation master do such shameful things? Threatening a group of weaker innocent people just to protect me,” Fang Jie thought to himself and felt shameful.

When getting off the horse-drawn carriage, Fang Jie felt a warmth in his hand. He looked up and saw Chen Qingshan holding onto his hand with a smile. She said, “Don’t feel guilty. Did you forget that I tried to kill you several times? If I wasn’t afraid of that man, you would be dead by now.”

Fang Jie smiled bitterly and said, “This isn’t very comforting.”

“It is true.” Chen Qingshan flipped her hair and said, “You asked me if I’m cultivating this hard to get away from all this. It is true, but there is also another reason. I once thought that if I’m strong enough to defeat that man, I will kill you however I like.”

Fang Jie shivered as his heart lurched.

“When did you stop wanting to kill me?” Fang Jie asked.

Chen Qingshan replied in a light tone, “When I met you three years after departing. A total of 15 years had passed, and I was sure that you still knew nothing about yourself. At that moment, I thought that you are just a poor soul like the rest of us.”

Fang Jie nodded and said self-mockingly, “You don’t have pity toward poor souls, and you aren’t interested in killing such people.”

Chen Qingshan didn’t deny it, and she pulled Fang Jie’s hand as they got off the horse-drawn carriage. “Although we are the same, this place is Chang’an,” she said.

“What about Chang’an?” Fang Jie sighed, “The man you mentioned must be more powerful compared to that old monk named Wisdom. Even Wisdom could enter Chang’an easily and leave on his own will when being attacked by several level 9 masters. Now, I know that Chang’an isn’t as safe as we imagined.”

“The safety level is always changing,” Chen Qingshan said, “The biggest safety comes from within. If you are stronger, you will be safer. This is the only thing that I thought through these years, and I will teach it to you for free.”

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