Chapter 185: The Little Boss of Beckon of the Red Sleeve (Part One)

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Fang Jie and Mo Ningzhi didn’t approach each other and ended this boring standoff across the street.

Mo Ningzhi tried to use a special way to disgust Fang Jie, and Fang Jie returned it shamelessly.

While walking into the shop, Fang Jie had many questions on his mind.

He knew that Mo Ningzhi used a mysterious technique to charm those innocent men; they didn’t stand out because of their righteousness nor uncontrollable lust.

“Could it be that the Daoist Sect has these lowly techniques?” Fang Jie couldn’t understand this, and he planned to ask Xiang Qingniu later.

The shop was clean, and the tailors who were eating dinner were stunned when they saw Fang Jie walk through the door.

Then, they all stood up in excitement, and tears even appeared in the eyes of one tailor.

They all put down their bowls and ran toward Fang Jie passionately.

“Boss, you are finally back!” The tailor who had tears in his eyes pulled on Fang Jie’s sleeve like a kid who was wronged.

“You shouldn’t miss me this much, right?” Fang Jie asked in surprise.

“No…” this tailor explained, “It has been about six months, and no one is paying attention to us. Since we signed that damn contract with you, we can’t walk out of this shop unnecessarily. Also, royal guards are watching this shop from the outside. In addition, that fatty in the black daoist robe came and tortured us. We used all the silver taels you gave us. If the owner of the hot noodle soup shop weren’t kind and gave us food on credit, we would have died of hunger or escaped even if we might die.”

Fang Jie looked back at Da Quan, and Da Quan scratched his head and said awkwardly, “I came here often in the beginning, but didn’t you send us the message, telling us not to leave Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence unnecessarily…”

“You guys have suffered,” Fang Jie said as he patted that tailor’s shoulder, “Let’s me see the finished products. If they are good, I will pay you guys double the money as compensation.”

After finally seeing Fang Jie after so long, these tailors felt like they saw their savior. They quickly brought Fang Jie to the second floor and pushed open the door to a room.

Fang Jie looked inside and saw more than 30 sets of clothes. He froze for a second, and all his memories from his previous world rushed into his mind.

These tailors only made about 30 sets of clothes in six months; it went to show how delicate these clothes were.

All the styles that Fang Jie could recall from his previous world were made. Although they weren’t quite the same as what were in Fang Jie’s mind, they had the unique charm of this world, adding to the colors.

Women loved beauty instinctively. When Chen Qingshan walked through the door, she froze for a second before quickly walking in and carefully inspecting these clothes that she had never seen before.

“I… Can I try it on?” Chen Qingshan pointed at one set of clothes and asked.

Fang Jie nodded and replied, “You can try anything you want.”

Chen Qingshan looked a little excited, and she took the set of clothes that she liked and went to another room.

Fang Jie walked to the wall where these clothes were hung, and he had complex emotions as he caressed these clothes.

When Chen Qingshan walked out of the room, all of them were stunned.

She selected a set of modified office lady uniform, and the hem of the dress reached her knees. The top was delicate with lace on the edges, and it was slightly different from a white shirt. It had a folded collar, and the buttons were made of beautiful agate stones. The waist section was slim, perfectly outlining Chen Qingshan’s waist. Because of this, her chest and butt seemed full, making her figure extremely curvy.

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