Chapter 186: The Mysterious Past Is Like A Heart-Stabbing Knife (Part One)

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Under everyone’s stare, Fang Jie slowly walked up the stairs.

The people who visited Beckon of the Red Sleeve frequently knew that Aunt Xi, the real boss, hadn’t seen a guest in a long time. It was heard that Aunt Xi usually went to Pure Wind Daoist Temple and discussed Daoism with Spiritual Master Xiao.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Spiritual Master Xiao was an immortal.

The boss of a song and dance ensemble had a good relationship with Spiritual Master Xiao; this added to Xi Huamei’s mysteriousness.

However, after thinking back to when Royal King Yi bowed toward her when Beckon of the Red Sleeve opened for business, people felt like this wasn’t that surprising.

Then, a rumor floated around Chang’an. It was quite vicious, saying that Xi Huamei knew a powerful enchantment technique, and she slept with most of the influential figures in Chang’an. The rumor made sense in some people’s minds because so many influential figures visited Beckon of the Red Sleeve frequently.

It wasn’t hard to trace the origin of this rumor; anyone could sense the jealousy in it. Since Beckon of the Red Sleeve returned, pleasure quarters in Chang’an all suffered. Those rich people suddenly became elegant. They were willing to listen to music and watch dances at Beckon of the Red Sleeve for a ton of money rather than visiting the girls in pleasure quarters.

The reasoning was simple. Rich people wanted to show off their taste and status, and Beckon of the Red Sleeve played into this psychology. The whole experience in Beckon of the Red Sleeve was luxurious yet elegant. Regardless of how great a pleasure quarter was, it seemed vulgar.

It was clear that Aunt Xi wasn’t afraid of making enemies since she caused the entire pleasure quarter industry to suffer. However, it had to be said that the owners of those pleasure quarters couldn’t be compared to her.

Even though the bold ones dared to create bad rumors and hire thugs to dirty Beckon of the Red Sleeve at night, they still had to greet Aunt Xi respectfully in public.

Although the decoration of Beckon of the Red Sleeve was luxurious, it didn’t seem vulgar or pretentious.

When Fang Jie got up the stairs, he took a detailed look and realized that it was quite different from the last time he was here. It seemed like Aunt Xi knew about visual fatigue and changed up the decorations from time to time.

On the stage in the grand hall, four beauties were performing the dance called Flying Heavenly Maiden. This dance wasn’t complicated, and many other song and dance ensembles could create something similar, but none of their dances could be compared to this. The main factor was the dancers.

The four beautiful girls looked almost identical, and they were great dancers. When these four girls danced with synchronized movements, it was pleasant to see.

The rich and influential people around the stage were probably all fantasizing about keeping these four girls to themselves and sleeping on the same bed as them.

Many people drooled on the thought of sleeping with four identical beauties.

Unfortunately, there was no way for them to do that. The fact that they couldn’t obtain what they desired made them even more obsessed.

Fang Jie walked up the stairs after Aunt Xi asked him to. After reaching the third floor, Fang Jie straightened his clothes and knocked on the door.

After hearing Aunt Xi telling him to go in, Fang Jie pushed open the door and walked in before bowing respectfully.

“I heard about you being imprisoned.” Aunt Xi’s first sentence shocked Fang Jie, and he thought, “How powerful is this woman? Not many people in the central government know about me being kept in the secret prison in the Royal Guard, yet she knows. Where did she get the information?”

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