Chapter 188: How Come It Is Another Coincidental Invitation? (Part One)

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Although Luo Weiran didn’t say much, Fang Jie thought about many things. Of course, he couldn’t confirm many things since the battlefield was thousands of kilometers away from Chang’an, so he couldn’t be sure of his guesses.

However, one thing was sure; something fishy was going on in the northwest.

Fang Jie knew the military of Great Sui well, so he knew how powerful 5,000 well-trained soldiers were. If he knew more information, perhaps he would be sure of his guesses.

In fact, many people had questions. Was Li Xiaozong’s strategy of separating the battalions the correct one? Was it a good idea not to use those 200 cavalrymen? Was it the right decision to move out of the valley by about three kilometers? Should Li Xiaozong lead the charge at the last moment?

Fang Jie drank the liquor in his cup and said to Luo Weiran with a smile, “I know what I should say and what I shouldn’t. However, how can my intelligence be compared to that of His Majesty? I’m looking up at the mountain while standing at the foot of the mountain, and His Majesty is standing at the peak and glancing down at the world. Without question, His Majesty’s view is clearer.”

Luo Weiran nodded and said, “It is good that you know this. Although the war in the northwest isn’t going as smoothly as we planned, the military passed through Wolf Breast Mountain Range. The battlefield was in the territory of Mongo-Yuan, and they suffered more casualties than us.”

Fang Jie didn’t speak; he didn’t agree with what Luo Weiran said. Although Luo Weiran had been an official for more than ten years, he wasn’t involved in the military and regional matters. His view on many things didn’t seem thorough.

Although the first battle happened on Mongo-Yuan’s territory, and more enemies were killed, the outcome of each battle shouldn’t be a basic comparison of casualties.

How much money was Great Sui spending on gathering these 700,000 soldiers in the northwest? How much did it cost to train those 5,000 elite soldiers?

Mongo-Yuan mostly lost civilians, and it didn’t spend any money on training them. Comparatively, the cost of having 700,000 soldiers in the northwest for a month would be equivalent to plundering half of Mandu Flag. If it took about two months to conquer Mandu Flag, Great Sui wouldn’t get anything out of it other than the honor and fame.

Even if Great Sui conquered Mandu Flag which was a giant grassland, how much would it cost Great Sui to protect it?

Da Quan and others didn’t say anything when the war was mentioned. Other than when Shang was mentioned, Da Quan was calm and listened to the conversation between Fang Jie and Luo Weiran.

Da Quan, Qi Lin, and Chen Qingshan weren’t members of Great Sui, so they didn’t share the pride that the people of Great Sui had. Therefore, they weren’t frustrated after hearing that the war in the northwest wasn’t going as planned.

When he heard that close to 5,000 elite soldiers died, Da Quan even felt a little thrilled.

After all, he was a member of Shang, and Shang was only conquered less than 20 years ago.

“This happened about a month and a half ago. No one in Chang’an knows what exactly is going on in the northwest since it is so far away,” Luo Weiran said, “Perhaps the military already conquered Nirvana City.”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “The purpose of this war isn’t to conquer Mongo-Yuan. I think everyone knows that it isn’t hard for Great Sui to win a small war. But it would be extremely difficult to wipe out Mongo-Yuan.”

“Not only that,” Luo Weiran sighed, “It is impossible. His Majesty only wants to expand the territory of Great Sui.”

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