Chapter 188: How Come It Is Another Coincidental Invitation? (Part Two)

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Fang Jie suddenly thought of something. The Emperor had mentioned several times that all the emperors of Great Sui had expanded the territory, so he had to do the same. He didn’t want to be a useless emperor in history books.

The emperors of Great Sui were all obsessed with expanding the territory.

For some reason, Fang Jie got a little anxious. He thought, “An obsession could motivate people, but is being overly obsessed really a good thing?”

At this moment, cheers sounded from the outside and interrupted Fang Jie’s thoughts.

Da Quan who sat by the door opened it slightly and peeked out, and cheering sounds instantly rushed into the room.

“What is happening?” Fang Jie asked.

Da Quan froze for a second before saying with a smile, “Come and take a look yourself.”

Fang Jie walked to the door and looked downstairs, and he saw that all the guests in the grand hall were excited; many of them clapped and cheered as if they won the lottery.

Then, Fang Jie saw Little Dot walking onto the stage and gesturing at the guests, telling them to calm down.

“You are all very lucky today. Ms. Xi agreed to Gongzi Fang’s invitation, and she will come onto the stage and perform the Dance of Flowing Flower and Water Sleeves. If you don’t sit back down on your seats, Ms. Xi might not be willing to come out due to all the noises.”

Fang Jie froze for a second when he heard this. “Because of me?”

He murmured and looked back at Luo Weiran and others in confusion.

Although he wanted to watch Xi Zhuxin’s Dance of Flowing Flower and Water Sleeves, he didn’t bring this up since Xi Huamei was so cold toward him. He only mentioned it to Little Dot, but he didn’t think Little Dot had that much influence on Xi Zhuxin.

Without question, all the guests were jealous of Fang Jie since Little Dot said that, and his name was going to be passed around Chang’an again.

Before Fang Jie could realize what was happening, a servant in cyan clothes walked over with a smile and stopped in front of the private room that Fang Jie was in. He bowed and said, “Are you Mr. Fang? His Highness is inviting you over.”

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There were several kings in Chang’an. Although they had prestigious status, they had no real power. Among these kings, Yang Yin whose title was Royal King Yi was the most prestigious and had the most money.

Fang Jie didn’t expect to meet this big figure in Beckon of the Red Sleeve today.

Although Royal King Yi never got involved in politics, he was the Emperor’s little brother. After the fight for the throne, the princes who lost all ended tragically. Sixth Prince Yang Yin technically was one of the princes who lost, but he was still living well in Chang’an and didn’t return to his feudal land.

Although Yang Yin didn’t stand with Yang Yi in the battle for the throne, he also didn’t stand with other princes. Therefore, Yang Yin wasn’t punished when Yang Yi became the ruler. However, because of the foolish thing that he did 11 years ago, the Emperor intentionally blocked him out of the government. This was a huge setback for this member of the Royal Clan who had great ambition.

In the beginning, Royal King Yi was depressed and locked himself in his study all day. He only recovered after one year, and he started to enjoy his life. He either traveled around with a few famous scholars to write poems, stayed in pleasure quarters and art galleries to enjoy himself, went hunting with his servants outside the city, or fished by rivers to relax.

This man was wealthy, handsome, and prestigious. The girls in pleasure quarters loved him. After all these years, Yang Yin was known as the best client in Chang’an, and his fame was spread far and wide.

He made friends with all sorts of people.

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