Chapter 188: How Come It Is Another Coincidental Invitation? (Part Three)

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He also loved collecting things. It was heard that his collection contained precious antiques as well as paintings and writings of famous historic figures. Huai Qiugong, the Head of the Ministry of Rites, loved collecting things as well and often went to Royal King Yi’s residence to appreciate the collection.

This royal king was living the dream of many men.

For some reason, Fang Jie disliked this man when he first saw him, even though the two never had direct contact. During the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, this royal king set up a small trap to test Fang Jie’s character. If Fang Jie weren’t careful, he might have failed.

Since the two weren’t acquaintances, Fang Jie was surprised when Royal King Yi invited him. Then, he understood why Xi Zhuxin decided to perform the Dance of Flowing Flower and Water Sleeves, and he was no longer in the mood to appreciate the dance.

Although there was a grudge between Royal King Yi and Beckon of the Red Sleeve, Royal King Yi was extremely prestigious, and he came to apologize in person when Beckon of the Red Sleeve opened for business again in Chang’an.

Even if Xi Zhuxin had a strong character, she couldn’t decline the invitation from a royal king.

That was why Fang Jie lost all interest, but he had to go.

“Please lead the way.” Fang Jie followed that servant out of his room after saying some things to Luo Weiran and others.

When he appeared in the corridor on the second floor, another round of chatters sounded from below.

“Thank you, Mr. Fang!” someone shouted, instantly pulling all the attention in the building onto Fang Jie.

Fang Jie frowned slightly, but he quickly displayed a smile. While walking, he cupped his hands at the people in the grand hall.

The guests in the grand hall were mostly rich people who didn’t have official positions. Although many of them were jealous of Fang Jie, they also wanted to get close to Fang Jie. Those truly influential figures wouldn’t sit in the grand hall but private rooms upstairs.

Fang Jie wasn’t used to this situation. Although this was the effect that he wanted, it didn’t feel good when someone else gifted this to him.

Fang Jie didn’t know why this royal king did this for him.

When Fang Jie walked to another private room on the other side of the corridor, the door suddenly opened, and Royal King Yi who was in casual attire walked out with a smile on his face. It seemed like he was a genial senior.

“I just learned that you are here. If I knew earlier, I would have asked you to join me. If I didn’t see you talking to the little boss of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, I would have missed you. Since it is hard for you to come to my residence, I could only invite you over now.” Royal King Yi sounded intimate and kind.

Fang Jie quickly bowed, but Yang Yin stopped him and said, “It isn’t fun if you are so formal in a place like this. Come in; let’s talk.”

Then, he pulled Fang Jie’s hand and walked into the room.

For some reason, Fang Jie suddenly thought about a story.

“During the Three Kingdoms, a strategist named Xu You secretly walked out of his camp and went to join the camp of Warlord Cao. When he was captured by Cao’s soldiers, he said, ‘I’m Grand Chancellor Cao’s acquaintance! Tell him that Xu You is here!’ Cao Cao just took off his clothes and was ready to sleep, and he was delighted when a soldier reported to him that Xu You was here. He walked out of his tent barefooted and laughed after seeing Xu You, and they held hands and walked back into the tent together.”

Fang Jie couldn’t help but smile when thinking about this.

It seemed like he was pleasantly surprised by this, but a strange light flashed in his eyes.

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